It’s not a very fancy results-sheet but oh well. Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered!!!
If you see this I love you ☺️


It’s not a very fancy results-sheet but oh well. Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered!!! If you see this I love you ☺️

93 2
whoa! i love ur minimalistic syle to this account
bleh i cnant spell
OMGGG HAHA, Im jenn!!
CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!!!!!! all of the edits that won are fantastic!!! and y'all deserved to win!!♥️♥️♥️
thx..I’m crying 12:54 am..
😞..I’m even messing up on my drawing.
aw thanks SAME TO YOUUUU
ik ik im normally good at drawing but it’s 1:00 in the morning and I started 5 minutes ago..
it’s stressing me.
normally it would take me 1-2 days to do a drawing like that..but it has to be in freaking tommorowww.
hey I really like your account and my best friend is @queenofpluto and we always say your amazing and we try to re create the things that you created and it just doesn’t work out and I just wanna say thx so much for being sorta active on my account it means a lot
Re:// Aww! thx! 😊
hopefully she did but she didn't seem that interested
hi abbey!!! hru? 💞✨🌟
ah no way, yours are incredible too! 💞
I’m pretty good, just pretty bored lol- I’ve been in the car for what feels like ten hours and we’re driving to a family reunion so I’m pretty excited 🤗✨
wow good job for everyone that won!👌🏼They are all so pretty!💕
congrats to all the winners!😆and I don’t really want any prizes😅💕
aw thanks, I actually had a really good time! how has your day been? 💞✨🌟
oh fun!! how was it? I haven’t seen it yet- I’m not rlly into Star Wars (pls don’t get mad at me😂)
oh well I’m glad you liked it! yeah it’s never really been my thing😂honestly I don’t like movies in general, I literally have the shortest attention span ever 😂 I also really hate going to the movie theater for some reason, I really don’t know why! 😬😂 but yeah, maybe I’ll give Star Wars a chance one day lol
^^why are all my comments so long omg 😂😂
lol yeah😂I really only like a few movies, but most of the time when it comes to films or videos I just stick to YouTube😂
and yeah lol😂I’ll just start typing something like how my day was and it’ll just turn into a frickin essay lol😂
oh my that is a lot of words 😱😂 yeah I tend to write a lot school-wise as well, especially if it’s something I’m passionate about
I hate science too😩😩I’m taking physical science this year, which sounds all fun like hands on stuff, but it’s just boring experiments and discussions in class😩literally one of the experiments was to put a thermometer on a plastic bag, wait 20 minutes (literally we just had to stand there for 20 minutes) and then check it. I kid you not we actually did that in class, it was miserable
^^once again, I’ve written an entire novel in a single comment😂
Hellooo yeah that's good 👍🏼
yeah it’s alright lol- most of the time it isn’t that bad😂and I’m sorry you don’t like yours either🙁I used to not like my class either, but I recently befriended most of them so now I think I’m all set for next semester- I won’t just be sitting in the corner by myself hahah
yeah I’m very much introverted as well😬and oh no I’m sorry, I’m sure someone would like to be friends with you! I thought the same way about myself but eventually I just decided to be brave and reach out. I found out I had a lot in common with everyone else, we shared a lot of the same interests and have bonded a lot. I’m sure if you just reached out it would be fine- trust me, I never thought I’d be friends with everyone else, but believe me, if I can do it you can.
oh.. I see what you mean. I thought the exact same way about my classmates until I reached out to them. I’m sure someone will find you and find out what an amazing, beautiful person you are. if it makes you feel better, if I knew you irl and went to the same school as you, I’d be the first person to walk up and say hi to you. 🤗
thank you!🤗😊💗❤️😘
I can't believe i won thanks 😄