IM NOT DEAD I SWEAR!! So homework has been relentless, and that's annoying. May possibly get someone to co-own. Idk if your interested lemmie kno. Theme delayed again because complications.


10.21.17 IM NOT DEAD I SWEAR!! So homework has been relentless, and that's annoying. May possibly get someone to co-own. Idk if your interested lemmie kno. Theme delayed again because complications.

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@caption You're*
ay shes back and better than ever🙌🏽🙌🏽
take me to be alive among you again:))I've been so inactive too
thanks! !
Eh looking more at the ppl point of view
I hope ppl are more respectful good lord
Nah😭this girl has a mom who won’t let her get
the heavenly tumblr
I feel cheated 😂
and the send button needs to come on home😡😂
I’m in need of that kind of environment.
thank fudge haha
I wear them about everyday tho haha
Yea ugh. Hah I’ll zip le mouth
Yup of caught the runaway send button
^^it’s aggravating af
omg this is GOALS
so amazing 😱😱😱♥️♥️♥️
Thank you so much, man!! And yes you do😉
Woah. we haven’t talked in so long 👏🏼
AMAZINGGG ❤️❤️💖💖♥️♥️😱😱💕💕👌👌😍😍😻😻👏👏👏
HEYYY I’m so so sorry if it seems like I disappeared but school is KILLING ME. I did find you on Pinterest but if you replied or followed, I don’t know because of no notifications 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s okay if you don’t want to collab anymore because I was the one pestering you 😂🙈 I’m so sorry again
okay hello. first of all why did you feel the need to just randomly hate on a band that means the world to me. second of all, all of the guys can play literally 30 instruments. if that's not talent then idk what is bro. they're amazing musicians. you can't judge by their most popular songs like these girls. words i didn't say is so poetic and absolutely beautiful.
they're so sweet and talented guys and i don't know why you feel the need to hate on them just because you know i love them
your opinion isn't changing mine, so why waste your time?
can you do me a favor and go read what someone just commented on @constellationoftears latest post about wdw. she sums it up
YES PREACH SISTER! half the hatepages on here are just stupid 6 year olds who probably shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. I really don’t understand why people are so dramatic on here- Pic collage is just a place to express yourself- not to cry over hate!
and yeah maybe it’s because a lot of young people are on here. I’m 14, almost 15, and if I had a hatepage I probably wouldn’t be too affected by it. 90% of the ones I see are just like “(username)”is stupid and that’s it. idk, I’d probably just brush that off.
ikr! and like why do people invest so many of their friendships into Pic collage- these people could be 65 year old guys for all they know, yet I see people comment “omg I’m going to miss you so much I’m crying right now” like I get that if it was your friend in real life but you’ve never even seen this persons face before and you’re literally crying over them. I just don’t get it
hey man. how's life?
yeah. pretty chill. I just had an INTENSE dance class so... slightly exhausted, yah know? either way, I tried out some of those songs in your playlist... MAN! they are goood! thanks fir exposing me to that!
wowwwwww this SLAYS!!! xx
aw np! bless you too💕I️ loved it as well omg
Steve is my inspiration 😂👏🏼
oh yas, I do ballet, but I'm also really into modern and jazz so.... lol. and your music is DOPE!!! love it so much! do you have any more suggestions?
omg this is gr8, and I've been pretty good just super freaking busy cause of school bleh, hbu? and why thank you yes he does take pride in his eyebrows
dāmn a 10 page paper? omg I would die as soon as I found out it was assigned😂 and chemistry this year is some shīt bc I got the worst freaking teacher in existence, he's been working at my school for 10 years so it's almost impossible to get him fired but our principal keeps yelling at him bc of his terribleness
he doesn't explain anything and if we ask him a question he rolls his eyes, sighs, and then ignores us like uhhhh thanks bītch
omg that's so irritating, and it honestly I get so irritated bc I actually want to learn shīt so I can pass the class and possibly make the honor roll ??? but no cause I have a shīt teacher that nobody's doing anything about bc they don't care or some shīt idk agh
woah this is amazing👏🏻👏🏻✨👌🏻