Stepping outside of my editing comfort zone? 
QOTD: Thoughts on 13RW?
AOTD: In the comments

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Stepping outside of my editing comfort zone? QOTD: Thoughts on 13RW? AOTD: In the comments

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think that the book is really important and everyone should read it, but the show effed it up and now it got a bad reputation. I think that the directors are purposely doing more gruesome stuff for ratings and that is complete bulls**t. Suicide isn’t a joke and using it to get ratings is terrible.
Did you know that they used to teach this book in schools? That’s how important this discussion is. But now some schools banned it from their curriculum because of this s**t
I think that it’s a good show, I guess. I just think that certain things that they did really sucked. And as much as I like the second season, I think that I completely undermined the point of the book and season one so at this point my feelings on this show are mixed big time
i agree with you! the show has a good message but the content they have just makes it worse and possibly triggering for viewers.
also this is amazing Oh mY GoD 💗
dude i fûcking love this oh my god hOW
Will Tudor played Johnathan as Sebastian, Luke Baines is playing Johnathan as Johnathan
this is absolutely gorgeous!! Justin is honestly my favorite on the show. I totally get what you mean about the show
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not to mention he deserves so much better than what he gets
looooove this💙💙
same 😭
thIS IS SO AMAZING AJAJAJSKDKS!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
also what song are these lyrics from cause I know the song I just can’t think ahhhhhh!😂
wow okay so short version the show is absolute sh *t. I think they were trying to spread awareness but just made it super triggering for people who have been through anything that Hannah went through. I feel like they shouldn't have shown certain things (the r* *e, her su* *ide) because it's 1) triggering like I said and 2) shows people how to go about those things. I hope that all makes sense 😂
hahahaha I just have a lot of feelings about the show pffttttt 😂😂😂
also this looks so amazing wowowoww
and because of that my mom won't let me buy the books. like any time she sees anything from the show she gives me a dirty look because I watched it 🙄 like how was I supposed to know that it was going to be that horrible?
You're kind, and your edits are cool
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I personally didn’t mind the show? but I think it could have been executed differently and made better; not saying it was terrible because it wasn’t, I thought it was pretty good, but they could had stayed more true to the book.
omg sooo sooo sooo good!!!
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I read the book and am watching the show on Netflix. I love it!!
ok thoughts on the show are as follows. I think the show actually did a really good job on shining some light on the issues of depression and bullying, and I don’t happen to think the producers purposely put all the gruesome stuff in there for views. I thought the scene with Tyler (the really bad one in the last episode) showed the viewer how bad bullying can get and how the victim sometimes really didn’t do anything to trigger it. and, yes, the show can be triggering, but I think the second season of 13rw was really impactful and did a really great job at teaching the viewer about perspective.
^^lolol you can tell I really like it😅 but yea those are just my thoughts, you’re free to disagree with me
also, (hehe you probably think I’m really annoying and don’t care about my opinion, but I’ll tell you anyways) the show really demonstrates the whole idea of change and how, depending on who you are, easy or hard it can be for others to accept it (i.e. Zach, Tyler). and sorryyyyy for the long comments and sorry if I come off as rude😅
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love this edit! it's amazing! :)
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