Collab with the amazingly talented...@BeautifulThing/Jenna! Thanks for collabing girl! Please follow her! 😘😊


❤️collab>tap❤️ Collab with the amazingly talented...@BeautifulThing/Jenna! Thanks for collabing girl! Please follow her! 😘😊

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oh wow I wish mine at least did something
wait so ur crushing on eachother??
well yeah he likes u!!! what's his name??
I think mine is just to embarrassed to do something (I believe one of his friends said he likes me)
well mine is named Jake
wait can we chat??
let's see I'll just post ALL OF THEM!! (it's sorta a series) OMG Ben is a super cute name!
u wanna know what the backs say??
wait lemme see if I can find a old year book with Jake in it
still looking
ok let me know when ur out.. I'll remix it here
if my irl friend who is on here sees it I'll be dead at school along with Jake
beautiful!! 💜💜
ok beware this is a old pic I can't find my current one
thank you Ayla ❤️
I'm sorry to be a stalker and read the comments 😂 but aw, that's so cute! your crush and you like each other!
ok sore it's a little fuzzy but yeah
I remixed it
ok lol
I'll try to get a better one
any chance you have a pic of Ben??
could I see him??
thank you! Your edits are very cool💖
ok I'll be waiting 😂😂
Ayla!! I'm waiting
bad things are coming our way.....
wait u guys r both brunettes!!
the bad thing is...... Valentines Day!!
which is going to be the worst year ever
day ever not year
I wish I could help
I don't go to official middle school till 7th grade which is a few years
I wish I knew if Jake likes me or not
but how could he like me?
u know what if he's (Ben) just going to stand there like a lost weirdo (sorry) u gotta be the one to say something
ok but what do I say to him tho??
plus I'm not pretty
ok I'll try.... omg I just remembered we're switching classes tomorrow so that means I'll see him in the hall twice
ur really pretty
I'm like super ugly
the smile thing works for u bc ur pretty I'm just....
who's in ur icon with u?
ok sorry
so all I gotta do is smile at him??
ok let's just hope it doesn't backfire
wait what do I do on Val's day??
ok what time is it in Canada rn?
it's 8:08 pm here in Wisconsin
but I don't care
oh man I just fell off my bed
and landed on my finished HW yay
ok so a hour difference I'll remember that
wait do u want me to post a pic of me on one of ur old posts?
wait yeah to the pic?
well I already broke both arms not at the same time tho
ok lemme find a good one
I remixed it on ur first post
yup that's the first thing I noticed
do u think me and Jake look//would look good together??
u and Ben would
if we were in the same grade HE WOULD BE MINE
hey I'll come to Canada and bring Jake and we can go on a double date!!
haha to what??
the Canada thing or he will be mine thing?
just realized I got 3 paper cuts thanks to my homework.... why was it even on the ground??
maybe it was my sister (younger) it couldn't have been me no way... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
fine then! 😂😂
did u see what I said bout the double date?
u and Ben would def look good together
ok!! after school then
I thought ur going to bed?
This is beautiful! I love the quote!💖
Can we collab soon?
I would love to :-)
Ayla r u sleeping yet?
wow fantastic collab❤🌹💖
can't wait to talk after school!
I'm going to try the smile thing today and tell u how it goes!
Then I can't wait to get started!
AYLA???? wait I'm the 100th comment
darn I fell off my bed again
Ayla plz
well ur luck worked! not only did he smile back at me we talked on the way to lunch!
can u chat??
yay! and my friend has a idea for u
I almost fainted when he smiled back at me
hey how bout I take Jake with me to Canada and me, Jake, u and Ben could go on a double date!! 😂😂
Jake usually never smiles but for some reason all day today his face lights up when he sees me...
her idea is (oml I can't stop laughing) is when he's staring at u go ask what he's looking at
why would Jakes face light up when he sees me?
I wanna know what Ben answer is
I mean his answer to if u asked him what he's looking at
and for Jake let's see umm like I guess like he looked more happy (did that help?)
and I wasn't looking pretty today I had gym (we played speed ball and tried to stand in skis) like a hour before that
I was pretty sweaty
I think Ben and Jake would like eachother if they ever met
I think maybe it looks good to them bc their always sweating
they probs think sweat looks good on them
we could be the crazy crushing twins!
what am I going to do on Valentine's Day??!!!
worst Valentines Day ever
well I could give him a compliment card bc I have to do one for everyone in my class plus we get extras
but what would I say on it?
I don't get how I could be pretty to him
I'm like super ugly
ok thx
u could do one 2!!
wait should I sign it?? and should I put it in his locker?
How are you?
k sounds good
if u did one u could just not sign it
can we still chat???
I'm just puzzled by how he could like me and he has like a million girls to pick from but he chooses me
talk 2 u after school tomorrow
yay ok
and sadly didn't see Jake today
buuuut I WILL TOMORROW!!!!!
I don't think I'm going to give him a compliment card, it would be rly embarrassing and he would think I'm a complete weirdo
or I could just not sign it...
ok let's talk when u get back from school
well I saw him a lot but we never talked
can we chat?
yup and there IS ONLY 2 classes in my grade
can u chat?
ok so I'm going to remix u a rough draft of his comment card
I'll remix it tomorrow
u up for a chat??