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Lays down
I’m bored daddy
hey*giggles*this is gonna be fun I think
*puts hand behind head and sighs* it’s been awhile so I might be abit rusty
but it’s okay we got this
*puts hand down and flops down on couch* so I’m Damian but my friends call me Fox
hello fox
*leans forward almost touching your nose with mine and smile* and wants your name* bites lip*
I’m Katie but you can call me what ever*smiles*
*bites lip*
looks down
* *
*backs up* manit hot in this mug*takes shirt off*
*gigggle* you’re hot
I’m hot too *struggles to take of my shirt*ughhfdhhsf I’m stuck
*smiles* and your not far from, it’s a shame your sexy body is covered up by all that cloth
help me get it off it’s hot just looking at you
*smiles but you can’t see because my fave is covered by the shirt I am stuck in*
*walks behind you pushing chest against your back and my bulge against your but and carefully helps you pull shirt off* there all better
hehehe thanks *turns around leaning against the wall*
*heart starts racing*
btw it’s been like a long time since I’ve used pic collage, last time I rped on her there was a private message system and you could send nudes
oh wish they still had it but they don’t ☹️
but anyway back to where we were
I’m still really hot
*picks you up wrapping your legs around my waist, pushing you against the wall and looks up at you* now we are the same height *says with a deviant smile*
*grips you with my legs*weee
wow you are tall
soooo what am I in for tonight
what ever you want😉
mmmmm I say surprise me
I want a night to remember
well*puts you down* I’m heading up to hop in the shower, “cum” with?😈
let’s have some fun😉
hehehe yeah *runs behind you*
walks in behind you I’m here
*unzips and unbuttons your pants* there a head start
*drops em, slides of boxers and gets in shower* come on in
okie*gets undressed and gets in breathless from your body*hehe here I am
looks down*frowns* wait your not a guy?
*smiles* well then ig there’s just more for me to play with
ummmmm is that a bad thing 😔
ohhh okay I’m alright with that
sticks head out side of shower* Alexa play Or nah by Ty dolla sighn
turns around and starts kissing you
hehehe*smiles at you*
*bites lip*
*kisses back*
kiss your neck and works my way down your body to you belly button then looks up at you* want me to go lower
*breathes heavily*
yes fox😉
grabs your thighs putting your legs on my shoulders and my face in between them and stands up sliding you up the wall, then starts licking at you
*moans giggling*
grips your shoulders*
/pause/ aye I’m gonna jump in the shower like fr, so like wanna meat back up at like 8:30 (it’s 8:14 here)
sure hurry though so I don’t fall asleep 😉😘
you’re lucky I don’t have to take one I take hour showers
I’m just counting down the minutes I can’t wait to get back where we were
so is this like a relationship now or just a night thing or a one nigh type thing or what?
and can I call you daddy?
he sorry I’m here, and it can be what ever you want it to be I’m cool with, and yes you can call me daddy
btw how old are u
okay can we be together?
I’m 18
how old are you daddy
oh I’m 16, I’ll be 17 in March
close enough?
I have the mind of a ten year old so it’s okay
and what do you mean by together
like bf and gf? or we could be just friends too
well friends with benefits
ig we could be together but we like just met so I know like nothing about you
well I can tell you more later but for now do you want to resume
sets you back down on your knees* I’m a little stiff baby
if you insist
if you insist
hehe yayyyy😉
*dosent bother putting clothes on and runs in the room and hides under the covers*
daddy cûm find meeeee
*giggles then instantly covers my mouth*
*whispers* daddy come lay down 😉
I think you will be very happy
walks over lays down*
comes out of covers and lays with my legs wrapped in yours kissing you
lays on you*
kisses back
*kisses your neck*
bites your shoulder
lays back down* you’re the expert daddy
I’m all yours
well for starters you could maybe šuck it
sits up and holds out čock* now be a good girl
lays on you licks to the tip of your **** then sucks it
bucks hips with pleasure
goes farther
mmmmm daddy
*puts hand on your head and makes you dėep throat
moves head back and forth
tenses up* fûck I’m about to cūm
lays down your turn daddy
sticks head of ćock in and out
man your tight
pushes father in
yeah I’ve never actually done it this long
lol, goes bãlls deep and holds it there
*moans loudly* hope the neighbors can’t hear
starts pounding your pùssy while I play with your tîts
*moans and lays head back*uhhhhhhh daddyyyyyyy
pullsout and turns you around and starts hìtting it from the back pulling your hair* beg for it
grips the bed sheets
uuuhhhhhhh harderrrrr daddyyyyyy
slams into you as I smack your àss
grabs your hìps and rolls back
and starts making you ride
as you bounce up and down prcum drips out
I’m getting close
cûms all inside u
rolls over breathing heavy* that was amazing
I’m like super tired
wait don’t go yet
cüs I cãme î rl tö
what now?
idk, wanna get to know each other
oh hey there is a page on my profile with questions ask me any and I will answer honestly for you
you there?
yea sorry
which one
I remixed it for you
I’m still kinda new to this
I’ll brb I have to go to the bathroom
🤗how do I get there, what do I look for
it’s okay
I’m back
ummm click on comments and there should be a little blue bar click on that
did you get it?
??? you’ll have to excuse my autism
😂it’s okay you should see it here in the comments so click on it o just go to my page and do it
I love you
hi baby