This is all for now <3


3-10-22 This is all for now <3

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I agree very much I will definitely click on the link in your bio and ask if I can donate thank you for sharing this message it really showed me that people there are suffering I feel horrible!!😢😭
Astro thank you so much for doing this!😭❤️ I actually am affected by it bc I know a lot like a lot of people who live there!💔 so please pray for them! also I’ll go check out the link!
so wise! this really is a really informational post, thanks!
this is so helpful tysmmm♥️♥️
yes this is just really so important and tysm for doing this, it helps those who don’t rlly understand much of the situation to learn more etc. it really disheartens me that this is happening. like what you said, we are already dealing with a pandemic where many have already lost their loved ones…it’s just shocking how selfish and unthoughtful some ppl can really be. so many ppl have already d!3d in the process and some of us might already be losing some of their family/friends…definitely hope this doesn’t become a world war and just stops. doubt it won’t but hope all is well for you as well, stay strong 💙💛
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Aahh thank you ❤❤
new post!
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lol haha that’s ok!
and tysm!
I'm great thank you!☺️
i honestly don’t rlly like mine- would definitely love to see how yours turn out tho-
yeah I get you lol!😂
this is very important and something everyone should talk abt
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thank you :)
you don’t have to post it or show me honestly, no pressure :D rlly wanna see how it looks tho ahah
new post! and how have you been it’s been a long time 💕
Yes! I have seen things about people stealing money that is supposed to help Ukraine. It is so sad!
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I donated to the Ukraine concert
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