Collage by -luminescence-


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OMG! Look on my acc! Remember the big collab that you ran with the lighthouse? You’ll see. I’m at the place right now that the background was!
all good!
It’s in Portland.
We left now though.
Alright thanks!
I’ll send u the bio thing soon
Hey :) Team Floofy Alpacas for the Kawaii Games still needs your entry! The extended deadline is 9/8. If you’re unable to enter within the next few days, please let me or one of your team members know. That way, someone can submit a collage in your place. If you’re unable to join in the games at all, feel free to contact a friend who would like to take your place. If you’d like, I could also find someone. Your team also needs a name for your mascot! The chatpages are still up for you and other members to discuss. The final decision should be remixed. -livvi (simplicity--)