You’ll Be Back
QOTD: Netflix or Youtube?
AOTD:  Netflix

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You’ll Be Back QOTD: Netflix or Youtube? AOTD: Netflix

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thank you!! :)
aotd: Netflix ♥️
aotd: YouTube (but only cuz I don't have Netflix streaming)
Aww thanks so much!! I just finished the book a couple of days ago, and I almost couldn’t handle the amount of preciousness😍
this is perfect ❤️
AOTD: YouTube
awwwws so good
aotd: netflix
beautiful! aotd: Netflix❤️
hey there !! lei wanted me to tell you that she’s got a spam email you can write to and it’ll be gone tomorrow but she rly misses you and would love to hear from you !! anyways it’s
yeah that’s what she told me ... but if you hurry I mean since she’s in a different time zone you can catch her pretty late ... like me and her used to chat when it was around midnight here and she’d just be getting home or something lol
thank youuu 💗
oh man that sucks !!! um I wish there was but that’s the only way she can contact us except for texts but her parents like look at everything and they’re not okay with people they don’t know so unfortunately that was her only method. I don’t know what time it gets deleted though ...
np !! I really hope it works :))
did u draw the person? it looks AMAZING