Why did this take so long lol


Tap Why did this take so long lol

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Um well... Unfortunately, if u don't participate in the team, then ur gonna have to eliminated because it not rlly fair if ur not participating and ur other teammates r.... Sooo... I'm so srry
I'm pretty ok too :)
"Makin my way downtown"
Okay, that's fine I guess
thank you
heyy (: I was wondering if you would like to enter my 2k giveaway?💗✨🦋 thank youuuu🥰
go check the remixes and choose which one you think is best to turn in
we are ready to turn it in if you give the okay!
I looked it up and i MIGHT
it used to be the daily pants but now I’m swapping to just clothes in general since I’ve run out of pants lol
thank you
you are good and I’m not a spam 😘
hello, this is Falconheavy1 with the Blue butterfly project, we just wanted to let you know that the first round of the competition ends on Friday May 22nd. please submit your entry by then. if you have any issues or questions please contact us on any of the Blue Butterfly Project accounts or on Falconheavy1 or xXxhoneyxXx’s private accounts.
aNd PeGgY