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    Leaving, thank you to those who supported me (You know who you are) and please keep shining because you all deserve to be known, be on pop page and get a feature 💞🥰


❤️ tap ❤️ Leaving, thank you to those who supported me (You know who you are) and please keep shining because you all deserve to be known, be on pop page and get a feature 💞🥰

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u r so amazing and kind!!!!
I have always loved your work ;(
if it’s best for u then do tho girl!!!
you will be missed. autumn_bloom
aw I’m so sad!!
I hope you come back someday but I’ll always remember your unique and beautiful collages-Daff (April)🦢
You are such an amazing and positive person! You bring a lot of positivity to this app and I will miss you!❤️❤️❤️
i completely understand, life is busy and i’m glad i met you! you’re so nice and i hope all goes well with school and life. i’ll remember you and i hope you come back to chat some time!
I will miss you!! You brought such positivity to pc. You always had the best comments and you're a super kind person!! You also make the most beautiful collages and your whole presence here is just a wonderful gift. I wish you the best in life and hope to maybe see you back on one day :)
Thank you ❤
aww we’ll miss you!!!
OMG NOOOOOOOOO! THIS IS UN REAL. I can’t 😞😞😭😖 the second one person leaves it becomes a domino effect to other ppl. I don’t want you leave :( u give me the Nicest comments out of anyone on Pc. this is really really sad.and as much as I want to do here and convince you to stay. I do understand. please come back and talk to me whenever you have a chance. I cannot do this 😫 I will miss u sm:(((( ily 🤟-Lulu
u r so amazing and yw!!!!
😭😭ok..🥹 u take care as well 😊
Hey but tysm for the nice comment
I am going to miss you so much 😭
you were so good to everyone!!! I wish you the best, bae!
tysm ur so kind! you deserve those kind words and i defs hope you can come back soon ♥️
clouds-!! I remember the first icon I made for you and I remember seeing you improve so so so much. I’m so glad you got to a place where you’re happy and satisfied. I wish you all the best on your test (you are going to ROCK IT!!) and I hope you come back and visit occasionally. I am so honored to call you my friend and I enjoyed seeing you grow as a collager. all the best, Laura 💕
okay, this is the second day I see it. I will mis you so much omg this is unbelievable. I know how you feel, and all these school work are pressure! but your collages and your self will be missed so much. I am so happy for you to be my friend and I love it as your collages grew better and better! hope you so well at school and please do think about visiting sometime! I will really like it- and miss you so much cloudy! see you, someday. Hope you all the best, Dora ❤️‍🩹💖😭
omggg everyone is leaving :(( this makes me so sad but i hope your time away from pc is as good as it can be :) thanks for being such an amazing user/friend 💕
⚠️ LAST DAY UNTIL I OFFICIALLY LEAVE ⚠️ Drop any questions or comments and I will try to reply them from today. ❤️
⚠️ 30 October - Last day ⚠️ ^^
ilyyy ❤️
⚠️❤️ | OFFICIALLY LEAVING. (June 2022-31st October) Thank you, everyone for being such amazing supporters. I can never replace you with another group of supporters, ily guys sm! ❤️ I will try to visit occasionally to try and catch up with you all however it's not guaranteed. That's really all the important stuff, keep being the amazing people you are and show pc what you got! 💕 Bye for now, thanks for being one of the best group of friends ❤️
IM GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH OMG!! thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive!! I wish you all the best and will always pray for you! ily! ❤️
tbh I’m planning the same thing
but I’ll miss you smmm
I can’t believe your actually gone. you made me feel so worthy thank you. even tho u can’t see this most likely if you can, I love you and I enjoyed every part of you being on this app. :( 🥲😔
omg thank you😭😭😭❤️
yepp of course, and i agree with you!!🤍 i hope you have an amazing time away from pc <3
yes I’ll miss you so much!
wow 😯 I can’t believe u were just gone. I was thinking of this and checked ur acc, no matter if u see this or not, I miss you so much cloudy ☁️
aww that’s no problem! anytime! 💗💗💗
aweeee you’re really sweet too it was great having you as a friend!! hope to see you soon!!
i’m not the best ://🤍 thank u tho! hbu?💕
anytime- I still miss u ✨🥲
because my best friend and I aren’t best friends anymore 🥲🥲 but thank you for your concern ❤️
I’m so sorry you’re stressed! try to relax a bit <33
Hey. cloudy, u there? I missed you so much and just wanted to check in 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
aww thank uu <3 and i’m so sorry, school is soo stressful😭
basically what happened is she just isn’t really a good person so i confronted her about it but she is totally ignoring the fact that i’m serious about it.. she also completely forgot about me and stuff like that so she isn’t being the best friend rn😭
good hru?
noooooo clouds! I am just back and you are gone! idk if you remember me but…hey!
hey ur there
hiii cloudy
you there? I miss you sm, I know maybe that you are not here anymore, but I just wanting you to know that you are amazing and one of my closets friends here forever🫶😭💖
We miss you ❤