Hey guys!! Ok I seriously missed you all so much. Thank you for your kind wishes. The trip had its ups and downs. How are you all doing? Did I miss anything big?


{click} Hey guys!! Ok I seriously missed you all so much. Thank you for your kind wishes. The trip had its ups and downs. How are you all doing? Did I miss anything big?

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You're back hlello!!!
Trying to use my laptop but it won't connect to the Internet wbu
Sounds lit
welcome back!! i hope your trip went well :)
thanks :)
welcome back!
welcome back fren! and lol thank you!!
hmm not that I know of how did your trip go?
san antonio:)
thank you fren💜they just enjoy the music cuz I don't really want them to listen to the lyrics cuz then they'd probably question and wonder if I'm okay and I can't let that happen so y'know
oh no I'm sorry:( yeah I alway get paired with people who don't understand my social anxiety and always just tell me to just talk to people and get mad when I don't because im very introverted so anytime I'm paired with someone who's not they always same angry with me:/ at least she was sweet nice kinda
and yo it's all splendid and chill and norm and I'm keeping off of poppin those pills and I almost snorted them the other night but we cool and safe now bro
how was the trip? did you have a good time, see some dope stuff?
aw love you too ❤
they're as shïtty as their music
I hate when that happens; maybe given more time though y'all would become a balanced friendship, because I've been paired with loud people and since I'm quiet but have a giant personality it eventually balances each out, esp with my morbid humor 😂😂😅 but I hope it was fun still, apart from the awkward pairing. and I'm still off the 'sweeties', no ER trips for me. Prom is coming up and my Belle looking dress just came in today so I gotta stay sober for that.
no fren don't worry; it's just because of me having an ulcer, that usually causes less appetite and weight loss, lethargy, etc. if it doesn't go away when the ulcer heals then we will definitely work on it. I think it's just the ulcer, because this started a week after we diagnosed it. I'm trying my best to eat better, and my mom and dad know that the ulcer is making this happen, we think anyways.
lmaø take a shot every time I say 'ulcer'
and I do have my dress for prom, I'll post a pic later when I try it on. I'm going stag because I've been homebound and don't really have much interaction with cute people enough to ask them out, and I haven't spoken to my friends. at the school in seven months so. it'll be interesting 😂😅
I always will be writing and creating, it's just my nature. But maybe there's something else you could try stemming your creativity from, like your fears, your hopes, your love, your questions?
I definitely will! sounds good, I mean, bc sad but vv good :)
*vv sad
thank you I love you too <3 I'm just regretting ever picking up that blade and the urge is very strong but I'm trying to stay clean (again), I think it has been about 2 months and I'd like to keep going (it probably won't last long) the plans I had for today got cancelled so I'm trying to find something to distract me but it is not working very well
no, is it on netflix???
thanks. my parents just left so I need some distractions, how have you been?
hmm I'm not sure, I'll have a look
ooh that sounds fun I really want to watch that, was it any good? I haven't done much besides watch Beauty and the Beast but I'm attempting to cook some pasta
ah nice I'll have to go see that. pasta is the one food I will eat but I ended up burning it (which isn't surprising)
Thanks! And as you can see, Im going to London to see them which is also pretty exciting for me because I've wanted to go to London for a while
Oh man that's cool! I'll give them a listen haha. I've got an ATL gig on Monday which means I have to sit through a dreaded Waterparks performance (who I want nothing to do with anymore) but seeing ATL is great and they're amazing live so that should be fun (I saw them in Feb 2016)
ahah what makes you say that?
honestly, dude I could ramble about him for hours. we've spoken about the whole sèx thing and both of us are just like NO so it's all chill
it did!! thank you fren💜
I didn't like all of the figurative language it made it kinda hard to read aND MILDRED IS LITERALLY THE WORST OH MY GOD and I just really didn't like the characters :\ or the ending oh my god I hated the ending. sorry fren but I'm glad you liked it?
what did you like about it? I want to try to look at it in a more positive view cuz literally all my classmates hated it too lol
it's okay and yeah it was meaningful but all the meaning was in the details, so it was kinda hard to catch at some points and really had to pay attention to eVeRyThiNg in the book but yeah I see what you mean. one of my favorite quotes actually comes from that book and it's "consider the lilies of the field" which is actually a bible verse from the sermon on the mount