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maybe till one or something idk why?
ewww kisses🤢🤮😂😂
haha they need an emoji that has a wrinkled up nose🤦🏼‍♀️😂
🤠yee haw
haha I like this song I think it’s called save a horse ride a cowboy or something like that but it’s a good song
I only saw 1 bear in my whole life 😕🙁☹️
🐰bunny wabit
I nEeD a BuNnY wAbBiT
yep and hey
ThE eViL cLeAnInG LaDy WoN’t LeAvE
We GoT a ClEaNiNg LaDy AnD sHe HaS bEeN cleaning for 1 hour and 44 minutes🙄
Omg haha my grandma is so over protective of me😤
haha I’m the queen of randomness😌
bc I walk from my house to my parents shop and she is like “You shouldn’t be walking alone someone could kidnap you, what would you do if someone kidnapped you and blah blah blah” it’s literally 1/2 a mile to walk😤🔥
yeah😒 I can literally take care of myself and others😌 if someone ever tried to kidnap me I would jump on top of them and attack them and then I would make a run for it
that’s part of the reason why I practice running and fighting and climbing trees!
haha these kids at the camp ground were “fighting” and they literally had know muscles I could probably take them both and win 👑
ok nah I’ll tackle them step on their leg and stun them then I will run WhOoSh and I’m gone…………
yes quite often 😂