version 2 in remixes • comment the song(s) you can’t get out of your head!
cross me | focus | panini | you need to calm down | con calma


version 2 in remixes • comment the song(s) you can’t get out of your head! cross me | focus | panini | you need to calm down | con calma

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love this 👏🏼😍
songs in my head: headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet, america’s suitehearts, & she’s my winona all by fall out boy 💞✨
I can’t get Megalovania out of my head thanks to all the guys at my school. 😩✌️
omg this is so beautiful
omg the dots are like going into her head like the music sounds n stuff that’s so clever! or maybe I’m just overthinking it haha but super cute collage!
I haven’t had the chance to watch the office i NEED to watch it before it is taken of then!!
this is S T U N N I N G💗💗😱😱😱
awww thank u so much! my summer break has been going by so fast I can’t believe it’s already July!!! hbu???
so pretty!!
amazing!!! 💕💕 So preeeettttyyy!
this is beautiful! and if I have any sticker ideas I’d be happy to let you know!! 😊
you need to calm down & sing it with me :))
awww thank youuu that means so much
im going to start watching it today🙌🙌
thank you! How are you?
aww omg i love this and tysm for the spam <3 💝🤩
haahahah yesss, I’m supposed to add a little detail each year but I kind of forgot this time, haha so I just filtered it slightly. 😂😂 Happy fifth to you!
hahah yaaaas!! i wanna change it because i’ve had it since like forever (😂) but i also don’t want to change it because everyone knows me as that user haha
thank youuu
aww thank youu that means a lot🌿
hahaha, the nice summer life right. 👌👌👌
I’m going away on a technology free camp next week so just kind of chilling and packing.
Thanks! I’ll definitely post some haha. :)
if you cross herrrr then you cross meee
that sounds fun! i watched fireworks as well but it’s insane to think it a few weeks it will be August which is so wild!
if you don’t like self promo you can delete but i recently made a new collage and it would be great if you checked it out and maybe liked or even better followed me thx in advanced
omg i finished the office & i’m crying aH 😭
wow stunning
thank you!! 💞💗
10/10 dude! like.. whhhhyyyyy 😂
i’m so so so glad that dwight & angela are together like i LOVE them
bUT when michael came in i screamed then was like bawling after that ♥️😭
i’m going to have to wait a very long time until i’ll be okay enough to rewatch it lol
thank you!
aahh I love cross me, it's always stuck in my head!!
hahah same! i accidentally found out about it on pinterest but still watching it was a shock ♥️😂
i’ve only watched it once & i need to find time to watch it at least 10+ times before it leaves hahah
love this!!!♥️♥️