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heyyy welcome back!!!
how’ve been you?
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welcome back!!! hru??
welcome back hope your doing welll!!! you probably don’t know me … but would love to be friends!!!! ❤️
Hiii Emma!❤️ I have missed u so much! welcome back btw!💞💞
how’ve you been lately?💗
hiii!!! missed you so much! welcome back
hope we can be friends!! how are you??
thanks! would u like to be friends? 💕
what i’m so honored!!!
ROXY… what about you?
omg Emma!! hi hi I missed you!! hmm since we last spoke all that really happened was I won some academic awards which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that big of a deal lol. what about you?! 👀
ofc 🤍
I’m doing okay, school has been pretty tiring but other than that pretty good 🙂.
also idk if I told u my name but it’s Liana!😊
I’m glad you’re doing okay, hope u feel better though!😘
Hi Emma!! Hope you’ve been well!
thanks I’m doing good too! it’s almost the end of the term so I’m a bit more stressed than normal.
hiii omg ☺️ i did the same thing :/ i forgot ab the app for a hot min, but now im sorta back lol
how have you been emma?
Hope things get better! ❤️
I’be been good, just really tired because track season has started up and the last time I ran was like in December so I’m slowly easing back into it but I’m a little sore.
hey 👋 hru? I’m doing ok school has been stressful but other that that I’m pretty much doing ok 👌
awee tysmm ♥️hru??
Yes, I absolutely love track season! I can do almost anything, but my main events are the 4X400 meter relay, the mile, and I also pole vault!
ugh it’s always when my procrastinationitis kicks in too
yes im doing okay! it’s crazy I feel like everything’s just crazy rn for some reason if that makes any sense lol
welcome back <3 we all missed u very much!! 💞
I’ve been good! I graduated uni in December so there’s that. Anything interesting happen for you?
Aw I’m sorry to hear that. if you ever want to talk about it, I’m here for you 💕
same here haha, I’m sure many have missed you anyways :) how are you?
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Welcome back you probably don't know me but would you like to be friends??💞
Emma... how have you been lately?
Hi Emma! it’s been a while! how’ve you been?💕
cute collages !! can u pls follow me if you can ?
I’m new to piccollage and I’m trying to start up my account