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maybe i should have never tried making an rp
maybe i should i have never gave in and gave you those stupid hints
maybe if i never made part 4 earlier because i wanted organization
but it’s too late now
this trilogy is over
what happened?
comment on my page if you answer... anyone... I won’t be on. I can’t be on. I’m so confused s
i have no idea..
what happened...
hey.. i just wanted to say i’m here if you ever need to talk about what happened. i’m sorry it had to end like this.
Brooke please know that we’re here for you... and that we’re sorry..
wait, what happened?
look brooke, I don’t know what happened, but from what other’s said I think I’ve gotten a pretty decent amount of what happened. I’m sorry your plans got foiled but, what’s the point to take it out on all of us and make it seem as if we’re the bad guys. You can continue making your parts or whatever they were, it doesn’t ruin or change anything. Ending the rp abruptly was unfair to all of us, we didn’t get a heads up and we just had to give up everything. Not gonna lie, I feel as if you overreacted and taken out your anger on us and to be fair we don’t deserve it. I know we all have bad times but that doesn’t mean to take it out on others, I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it’s a bit of an overeaction & I’m saying this because no one else probably has the guts to say this and let you know what your doing. I don’t wanna come of as rude or anything, I just needed to let you know, for all of us
i knew it
i didn’t see sal’s comment till now
you all really do just don’t like me
thank you sal for saying that
ik they wouldn’t
now i know
i’m the bad guy
your the good guys
i lose
you win
i get the bad ending
you get the good ending
i’m alone
your together
i’m sad and scared
your happy
i’m hated
your loved
Brooke no.
we were all caught up in the moment
we need to move past this
Brooke that’s negative thinking because you know what? if anyone’s the bad guy it really is me because I got so into it for a day every couple weeks then I left because I flaked on this app and every single person that didn’t show up didn’t mean it against you. it just happened. us not showing up didn’t have anything to do with you. neutral, unrelated instances of people being busy and ending up ignoring you don’t determine your worth. and if you feel like it does, then please forget us all and move on and
and please try to ignore what we do because we’re stupid teenagers
I doubt anyone will see this but I wanted to write this down somewhere and I guess this is an okay place to right it
write it
but I’m really sad that our little gang is growing apart. A place where I laughed,smiled. and its kinda scary and I think I always knew we’d grow apart or something but I really miss the old days. the old me, the old pc I was thought I was so much happier and never really realized that. it was a type when people who’ve left we’re still here and idk everything was so much simpler and happier
and I guess it’s really hard to let go of something that’s been a big part of the last two years
in my life and how much I’ve grown as a person because of this. so if your reading this I’m so grateful of meeting you talking to you rping with you guys. And maybe it’s not over but I think it will be someday. all good things come to an end, it’s sad but it’s true. but the rp gang as changed me I think it’s changed all of us and I’m really glad it happened because I got to meet all of you lovely people
the last thing I wanna say (I’m crying rn btw I didn’t think I’d get so emotional) is don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened
I love all of you thank you again💓💖
kathleen🥺 i never thought it would happen like this but i guess it’s time to face the facts. i love you all and thank you for everything you’ve done for me without even realizing it. you guys are amazing.
i love you guys. so much.
it’s unbelievable how close onLINE friends could get, i’ve been with all of you met all you and we’ve al, grown close. it’s sad and heartbreaking that our gang has broke apart and is falling apart. we’re not the same person we started out to be and as much it hurts to say we’ve changed. even if we are falling apart I will guarantee that and I’m so so sure that we all will be back together once again.
when we ted this gang, it was small, we were all happy carefree, and a lot of that changed. we all have our own struggles and it’s valid and i never wanted us to break up and grow apart and forget this gang. but im so sure that we will all get together again. not now maybe, but soon,
i love you all so so so much and you’ve all changed my life so much when i started 3 years ago, i’ll still be on, but even if you aren’t i’m here for you all. a gang like this will never fall apart, maybe grow apart buts it’s still there that bond and connection we all have.
guys listen, i'm sorry if this comes off as rude, it's not meant to, but if we don't want this group to fall apart, then we have to stop that from happening. i think right now we all need some time to ourselves cause there's been a lot going on lately, but after that we need to put more effort into keeping this group alive.
i feel like everyone (including myself if i'm being honest) just expects this to go back to the way it was before, when really we need to be focusing on the future
i also feel like we need to stop depending on rps to talk to eachother. like...we should make a chat page or something so we can talk even when there isn't a rp going on.
it’s not going to go back to the way it used to and we’re all focused on trying to get back that so badly but we need to focus on communicating and just talking
yeah, that's what i was trying to say. i just said it badly cause i can't explain things for the life of me. :)
la la la la la la
^w-wow. i went back here just to stare at the icon because there's nothing left but i didn't think anyone else would come back to this. that obviously means that we've all been thinking about it. i get what elisza said and i agree but also, people have tried chat pages before and they kinda flopped ngl. role plays are my escape from reality, it's where i can feel comfortable and not have to worry about what others think because it brings out my creative side, and i can express that with you guys. role playing is what we had in common. we could probably find more similar interests if we created a chat page but let's face it... would that actually work? i miss the feeling when i role played with you guys. i felt safe but free at the same time. this is what brought us together and a few situations tore us apart. that's not healthy, and if we talked that could change. as always, i am in between. role plays or talks? don't know. i came back today because all of a sudden i just felt this burst of longing and i just miss this. staying up with you guys at night and just talking or rping and carrying out my crazy yet brilliant and destructive thoughts. >:)
^plans* for oc's. and sorry if that was everywhere. honestly, we could just chat here if everyone's mind is in the same place.
hey guys. it’s been a while since we’ve all been together (two months? three? i’m not sure anymore). i miss you guys. i miss staying up until 1 AM, telling my parents i was asleep just to rp with you guys. i miss making ships with everyone possible because i know i cant have anything like that irl. i miss laughing at jokes that no one else would understand. i miss letting out all of my problems, crazy thoughts, and creative ideas, because you’re all just as crazy (or maybe just a little less, i’m insane) as me. i miss talking with you guys. i miss the rush, the excitement of opening this app in the morning to 10K comments, wondering what i missed while i was asleep. i miss all of it. even the bad parts. even the hurtful parts. because it didn’t matter, because i had you guys in the end. i’m. not. doing. well. at all. and i think it’s because i don’t have that outlet anymore. i’m not sure if everyone quite understands how much we all need each other (or is that just me that needs you guys?). anyways... i love you guys. and i’ll always be here.
be here. i’m not going anywhere.
lol everyone here writing meaningful paragraphs and i come here to say bring the gang back
yk i would rlly like it to go back how it used to be free but if we!re being honest here, literally half more than half i think the gnag is gone
i just don’t think we’re putting enough effort. i’m not either. i just don’t know how to make us what it used to be.
hey guys. i miss you. 🥺🥺
hi, i just wanna say sorry. i feel like because of my sensitivity i broke us apart. i’m sorry. i really wanna rp again because it was so much fun and i loved it but idk if anyone will see this but i’ve been scared to rp again. i’m scared to talk to you guys and im scared to do this again because i feel like you guys all hätë me and can’t forgive me. idk what to call this feeling but i feel like what you guys write and what you feel are different and that you’re all just being nice to me you feel bad or something. like i wanna rp. i wanna try and make another one, idk if it will be a high school or something but i wanna do it but at the same time i’m terrified to do it. i’m scared to be alone with my thoughts and i’m scared you guys will all distance yourself away from me more and i’ll be left alone and you guys will be happy and i’ll feel stupid.
plus i feel like most of the rp gang is gone. they either fully left or stopped posting and forgot about pc all together. i know cc would probably come back but i have feeling it would just be like how she was on tor, she’s there for a tiny bit in the beginning of the rp and didn’t come back till like once around the end of it. but i’ll be willing to do this again. ive been very stressed and i feel paranoid but rping was a way to forget all of my bad feelings. it was a fun distraction and it brought us together.
i just feel like we won’t be “together” again because we all moved on...and a good amount of us don’t seem to be planning on coming back
hey brooke. don’t be sorry. we all made mistakes of our own, and these past few months have been an absolute whirlwind— the world is a crazy, insane place right now. everything is in the past. we love you, we care about you, we all want to talk to you again. i miss the gang more than anything. things won’t be the same, but i really truly believe you’re the glue that holds is together. it won’t be the same, but it’s us, so what do we have to lose?
yeah, what bella said is absolutely true. yes, you are part if the reason the gang fell apart, but the rest of us are too. we all contributed to it. everyone was in a bad place then, we were all stressed about everything that was going on and i think we all took it out on eachother. things are still crazy, but i think most of us are in a better place now an are ready to get back together. it absolutely won't be the same, but that's okay. things change, but that doesn't mean they have to get worse. an sure, this may not work out, but i think we're all willing to try, and that's what matters.
also brooke bae I’ll be here as many times as I can be and try to be as active again, I miss the rp gang and honestly I rly miss rping too!! ik I wasn’t active that much but I’m willing to put in a lot more effort esp since we’re in online school and stuff. I might be busy but every chance I get I’ll rp I promise and if I don’t spam text me 😳😤
also brooke don’t say it’s your fault it’s no one’s specific fault and we all took part in the group falling apart. it is all equally our faults but isn’t our faults at the same time. things happen and the past year was pretty hectic for me esp with adjusting to high school and etc.
but that’s an excuse and what I’m trying to say is I’m here now and a lot of us are trying to be here :) so hopefully we can bring this rp to become a much of a legend as pichighschool
I miss staying up until 3am just rping and trying to adjust to our different time zones and making ships that are too good to happen in real life, I miss the comedy romance and drama that the rps bring out and most importantly just talking to you guys. 🥺