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In a word? EHHH
^^^ honestly mood though but I’m glad you’re feeling better!
ahhh yay ur feeling better :)), I might have landed a boyfriend... jeez that’s weird to type out especially being the weirdo I am haha. I’ve honestly been feeling like trash but my friends have been supportive, I’ve also been super busy with school, I’m focusing on science and art this term (my 2 favourite subjects) I’ve even jumped up to the excellence class that my school offers for science. everyone’s super serious in that class apart from me and a guy I met a couple weeks ago, he’s my science partner and he’s super nice. but on the down side the amount of homework I’m getting is stupîd, I’ve had 6 assignments due in the past work.
jeez that was long haha
I’m dying inside. ThAnK yOu FoR aSkInG!