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So... I'm izzy
How bout we all make an icon and we can choose the one we like best
Hi!I'm Abbie and I like Izzy idea ^^^
So we're grungegirls right?So maybe we could have a dark pink/ maroony purple colour for the icon?
Good idea!
I'll start making one
there is mine
Hey I've got an idea why don't we make an account for our ideas that we have the password for
we can make it private too, so nobody can spy on us or steal our ideas
Ok! I'll make mine later I was rly busy yesterday
Ok I made mine. Sry Abbie if it looks like urs😁 Its my first time making an icon
This is your first time?Its great!
Schwoops wrong account It's Abbie @singing-stars-
So we have until tomorrow Australia time to choose an icon Idk what time it is in Australia now so we kinda have to be quick. Can the rest of u guys make urs soon?
^ Not trying to be bossy btw
Wow ok so apparently I'm Australia it's like 11:30pm
I made my icon! Sorry it's not the color scheme we decided on😣
It's ok! Guys we have to pick now
We r missing two ppl but we have to pick without them. I like all of them Wbu guys?
Lol I know I sound selfish but I like mine the best😅😂
I like urs too
So, do u wanna do urs?
I remixed tumblr_icons'
Ok great!
Thanks for remixing mine😊