And another one !
Collab with wolf_aesthetics ! They did the amazing text and I did the bg


And another one ! Collab with wolf_aesthetics ! They did the amazing text and I did the bg

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yours is awesome
hi wanna role play
I made it
so pretty xx
ima go jump on Connor 😈 and I’m on and off since I’m bringing one of my dogs to the vet
Connor punched me 🥲
I think I broke erins rib- again....
all of her toes, her wrist 3 times, 6 ribs and her nose oh and part of the bone under her eye
she was excited short to begin with-
she’s 13 and she’s barely 5 ft tall... and I’m 6:4 and 13
nevermind, shes 5:3
maybe it’s just because she’s Irish because most the girls here are over 5:5
something weird, erin means Ireland (Irish) and that’s erins race
actually she just told me taht both of her brith parents were from Ireland... she wasn’t born in Ireland but the USA 🥲
and that’s weird
I know
the USA but my whole family is Irish and Scottish
yep I guess erins the same way but we’re not sure since she was adopted
it’s weird how Erin and I share the exact same birthday though...
and from erins mothers information my dad is the same age as erins birth father...
if we are taht means I’ve dated my twin 😳
thanks for that 😂 erins laughing her axx off and I quote “ wait... does that mean I twin tried to steal my v card!?!??! “ and yes I almost did steal erins v card a few weeks ago
Erins drunk so she’s overly emotional so now she’s crying 😂 this is what I have to put up with
why do I put up with erins emotional axx every single day!? I have no idea
I feel bad for us 🥲😂
wait... do you have school?????
idk what else to talk about soo umm yea
this is erins extras account and I’ll be back in the town account in one minute
oof! I might not respond bc I’ve fallen asleep since it’s 1 am
yes ma’am! Erin just kicked me in the nose
I’m awake!
I’m awake!!!!!
laying on me and punching my chest gently
she’s hung over
it’s something that happens when you wake up after getting drunk
she’s mad that I let her drink so much
she had a really really really bad day and I was also half asleep
I feel really bad for her, I mean her parents are homophobic and they keep making fun of the lgbtq people in New Mexico but little do they know Erin and I are lgbtq
I feel really bad for them...
erins parents would literally kill her and I’m not joking
we’re both bisexual
erim says thank you
and Connor fell asleep
and he says I’m a pest
brb ima go get a 3am snack
ima go to bed, I’ll talk to you in a few hours
I’m back!!
and I feel like shix!
Erin slept on top of me
it was only three hours but yea
we can go from 6 hours to 30 minutes of sleep but Erin sometimes whenever she had a 11 hour night shift she can only get 10 minutes
well.... Erin is the only teenager trust worthy in our town so thats why she has about 7 internships...
very, I mean it’s bad enough we know have a kkk group threatening our local school
we get a lot... and we DefaultNam don’t have a bunch of witch’s haunted places with ghosts and a lot more freaky stuff
we like to call it “what the fxxk has happened to this town”
Erin’s cousin likes to call it “what the fxxk in a nutshell “
sorry, we got into an argument with erins mother
wanna rp?
come see my new post 🙃
I woke up today and chose✨ violence✨
ok! I will make the page in a little!
it’s made!
hi are you online
sorry I was at lunch
congrats on 700!
congrats on 700! and please let me know when you get online
congratulations on 700
and are you online
fellow human, can I kill Connors ex bf?
he cheated on Connor amd he cheated on me about a year ago
go ahead
it’s 4:39 where your at I think- but still! my school doesn’t even get out that late!!
what!?!?? we get out an hour before y’all!
fellow human you there?
I sent him to the hospital
lol this is the 3rd guy that both Connor and I dated and I sent to the hospital
oh like I was to Connors ex about 30 minutes ago
same to you and yes I did send Connors ex to the hospital
Connor just needs to stop dating everyone I’ve dated
same here, I don’t even date anymore because so many people have black mail on me
I feel for ya
last time I check I’m the one making people suffer at this point- mainly because I break almost all of their bones...
we could, for all I know Connor could be my twin brother, I mean we share a birthday and his father is the same age as my birthfather
and if we are that would mean I’ve dated my twin...
you should’ve seen Connors face when he realized that
it was the perfect mix of horror and amazement
good to know
update from New Mexico: I’ve sent 5 people to the hospital within the last week, Connor broke my rib and I broke his nose, Evelyn got another police officer arrested somehow and we all need a mental hospital
Evelyn was the owner of this account before Connor and I got it and she is also Connors older sister
I’m on and off, my mother is extremely mad at me and Connor
and the same thing is pretty much happing in the USA and our government is falling apart
amd this is Connor
we sure do
it really is weird
erins gonna kill me
I took her coffee
and is it a bad thing that Erin has planned my funeral already?
y’all are great people
but I have enough black mail on Erin to get her sent to death row
Erin would probably kill me before I got off her roof though...
just hide
all I know is that their mean
you got that right
you do not do that!!!! oh and erins now planning your funeral
and that is?
that’s great! 😂
this is Erin, Connor is 6:3 and he’s 13 okay bye
we’re both dead... aren’t we?
erins now just being mean to me for no reason
that’s not that bad
what happened???
and that’s why I carry I knife everywhere
but is she okay????
you need to try and talk to her, even if she refuses
Erin will try to talk to her once she finishes fighting my older brother
hopefully, and I’ll brb Erin and my brother aren’t play fighting anymore...
they were just boxing each other just for fun and then they made each other mad and now their actually really fighting *
and their still fighting
I have to wait for my father to come break the fight up
what’s wrong?
something happened?
go stop her!!!!
ok, and I’ll be on and off since erins neighbor just called Erin a slxt
ok I’m back and erins getting on
it’s fine, what happened now?
okay I want you to tell her what I’m about to tell you
you NEVER get into a fight with more than two boys, especially when hen they are older than you or even when their the same age as you.
just don’t do that, I’ve learned my lesson and I’m passing the advice to you
thank you
your welcome
he stole my succulents*
yes they do
maybe taking something of theirs
hmm idk
his phone
I can hide it
I know several good places to hide stuff
what are you going to do?
whenever a parent gets involved you now it’s serious lol
I’ll be supporting your side from New Mexico!!!
you are very welcome!!!
that’s what boys do
amen to that!
I gtg my parents, Connor and I are going to a pub
no more getting into fights and get some sleep!
I’ll just be online till I loss connection
I have a bruise on my back from a 3 yr old
hey I haven’t heard from y’all all day and Erin amd I are getting worried
where the heck are you and are you okay!?!?????
hi can you make a chat page plz
it’s fine, knowing Connor he hadn’t heard from y’all and he started to worry
Connor worries about everyone
I guess so
this is Erin, and I’m using my mother’s phone so if I don’t respond that’s why
so how was your day?
Connors mad because he has to keep his braces on for a few more months and I’m getting my braces on June 1st so I’m happy
but it’s been boring
I had braces when I was 10 but I wasn’t bothered by them
it’s not that bad
sure they hurt
but they aren’t that bad
oh and my wisdom teeth are coming in so that’s going to be fun with braces
Connor has been trying to convince me to cut my hair to my shoulders
that’s nice, at least you done over beat because of how long your hair is
about 2 ft long which is about halfway down my back
yep and Connor and I definitely didn’t measure it
ok so Erin once had to wake up at 4 am bc she has a fair to go to and she came up to me with a steak knife and then proceeded to say, “ Connor if I ever wake up this early and I’m in a good mood, stab me will ya” and then she handed me the knife and walked away
this story is true and this is Erin
check my remix’s to see some drama
yep and sadly I won’t have to wake up early for fair this year
no, my mother is forcing me to take a break from what I do every summer... and I’m being forced to travel all over the USA to see family and my “friends” have already started teasing me about it
I feel bad for us, it sounds like we both have to put up with some of the people we dislike the most this summer
oh and I’m leaving for the beach the day after I get my braces on June 2cd
oh and Connors mad because he was told yesterday he has to have his braces for another month
yep lol
hi this is dirtyroleplaybaby
this is my new account
I made a new chat page for us
my mother is threatening to send me to a military school next year 🙄
I feel bad for Erin
and Erin just completely lost her spark which I as almost halfway back...
it’s true and there’s no need to be sorry
Erin says the same thing
sorta like how Erin gets mad at me for being taller
Erin said the same thing about me a few years ago when I was shorter than her but now she the short one
what comes around goes around
also it’s your turn to respond in the roleplay
Erin said “if I ever start acting like my mother, slap me”
let’s just say things have gotten worse since erins grandfather died
okay do you want to know something weird that Erin said to me this morning
so apparently erins mother made zucchini boats amd Erin H@TES zucchini I mean to the point she would rather starve which is saying a lot
and I quote, “ if I ever eat zucchini, please kill me, then after I die, kill me again “
we absolutely love pjo!!
but at all, Erin does the same allllllll the time
lol both Erin and I actually ship Perco (idk how to spell it
who do you ship?
Erin completely agrees with you
Connors doing the same to me now
god’s: Poseidon, Apollo, and Hermès. Goddesses: Artemis, persephone, and Athena,
and yours are?
lmaø!!!! great minds think alike!!!
what’s your comfort character?
the character that makes you the most comfortable
me to lol but in mine I also have Grover as a comfort character
that’s a hard question!
Percy, Nico, Tyson, Luke and Leo
that’s just the boys lol
nice lol
a little bit
definitely the same
Bianca for sure
thank you lmaø
whose your favorite character(s) taht are girls
same here!
I agree
neither I mean their both jerks
what would you chose
your turn to respond in the rp
still impressive
what’s the problem?
lmaø people think the same about me because I know a lot about ancient Greece and
the and was spell correct lol and good idea
not if I do first
lmaø I’ll get there sooner than you still
I’ll wait for you though
either Poseidon or Athena
how about you?
sorry about that Connor stole my phone and answered for me even though he didn’t know my answer
but I agree with you
they both have to put up with us
sometimes we can be a little bit harsh... possibly
Connor says that girls were mean
just get some sleep now I’ll talk to you later
hello, I have officially broke my cousin
she’s fine
I mentally broke her
she saw me rping the dirty parts of about 5 different rps
I didn’t say anything
yep not ours though
and it’s your turn in the rp
Connor says hi
how’s your day been
yea i do rp as of yesterday lol
we can in a bit i’m in the middle of two rod rn
oof- mine was surprising good normally my mother and I would’ve tried to kill each other about 5 times already
so far it is
expect Connor and my father pranked me
I still have a mouse trap on my toe
it was a revenge prank
what should I do?
not to big though
yes you do
instead of putting butter on them I could put mayonnaise...
they will kill me but it’ll be worth it
Athena ofc
and the good day a crossed the Atlantic is over
lmaø good luck
Oooo do I sense a threat?
what’s their names?
if he does anything strange let me know
thank you
also I’ll be back in 10 ‘minutes
I’m back
I’m bored
fine with me
idc not do I know
fine with me
sureee umm what’s your favorite color?
typically all the shades do dark green, blue, and sliver
any of the hp movies or pjo
how about you?
lol what’s your favorite book(s)
so my cat just brought a lizard into the house and my mother screamed, I took the lizard from my cat checked to see if it was okay, I let it go and my mother is horrified of me
hp, pjo, spiderwick chronicles, and I want to read the hunger games, divergent
my mothers a city girl unlike me who plays with snakes,lizards, and scorpions
that’s cool!
better than not being able to travel to different countries because of your hair and your others experience
my mother doesn’t want me to travel to other countries since my hair is blonde and I have blue eyes
idk I always travel with her
I think so.... I might be able to sneak to Ireland with Connor this summer
for book preferences idk
and i guess so