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hi can I be the girl
so Caleb or Nathan choose one lol
gahhh I literally was thinking of doing these related to the mafiaaa
you can make a new character if you want to
ok done :)
you can start
zoey is 19
ok then cole is 20
I dunno how to start, can you start?
* I walk out of the school bathroom smelling like cigarette smoke *
*random girl starts to flip off at me*
* I walk next to you to my locker *
*frustrated I just roast her and leave*
* I laugh quietly at the situation *
*The girl now starts to go off at you for laughing*
* I slap her threw the face and I walk to my class *
* while walking I point my middle finger *
*I look at the situation and start to laugh, now actually examining you*
*I walk up to you* hey *smiles*
“hey “
I’m glad someone put her in her place *laughs*
“ yeah”* I smile *
My name is Cole.. here’s my phone number too *smiles* in case you wanna call me *hands you a note*
* I take the piece of paper from you and I look in front of me *” Zoey “
*smiles* okay see ya
* walk into my class *
*I enter the same class*
* I sit in front of you and I tie my hair up in a messy bun *
*puts feet up the table and start to play with a paper ball*
* on my neck your notice a snake tattoo *
*smiles, pulls sleeve up and then you can see a tattoo of a phenix*
* I smile and I look ate the teacher again*
*keeps playing with the paper ball*
* the bell rings and it’s the end of night school *
*I walk out of the school, walking back to my house*
* I big black car comes to fetch me and takes me to a strip club *
*I notice how expensive the car is and I can see it parked at the strip club*
*Im wondering what you where doing there*
*I get dressed into something s£xy and I walk to the the corner of the club where a guys is sitting *
*laughs and shakes my head, keeps walking home*
* I pass him a gun and I very thick envelope *
* the next evening @ school *
*walks to you and is thinking of telling you about the strip club situation but instead forgets it and keeps walking*
* I open my locker door and I look in my tiny mirror and puts on some lip gloss *
Hey do you want to hangout? *I say smiling*
* I look at you * “ I got work tonight “* I walk away *
maybe we can do it later *still insisting*
“ I work all night “* I continue to walk *
*i sigh* okay
* I walk into class and I send you a letter * { letter} I work at the strip club downtown you can find me there
* I write back * { letter} Okay
* school ends and I walk to my car *
* @ the club I get dressed and i meet someone else in the corner of the club*
*i walk in and I was going to go walk to you but something else catches my eye*
*the man gives me a black suitcase and I go backstage *
* I walk to another man, it seems like a I know him from somewhere*
*I grab a envelope the man gives me then I notice you go back stage, I go up to you* Hey! *smiles*
“ hey” * you see the black suitcase in my hands *
so what do you do here?
“ this is one of my father’s company’s”* a girl wakes past me and I give it to her she gives it to a man backstage *
*I spot the man I was talking too* oh um talk to you soon!
* I see who you want to talk to I grab your hand and i push you against the wall and kisses you hard *
*pushes you away* Uh yeah, I’m not sure how much they paid you, but I’m not one of those perverted men *walks away and back to the man*
“ fx*k” * run backstage and I get a mini gun I walk past the man and I shoot him *
Jim..*whispers, then points a gun at you*
Enough with the sweet boy who’s interested on a drug dealer *intimidating look on his face*
* I notice the man and I shoot him a bunch of my dads men come running in and starts shooting *
* I walk backstage *
sxxt *shoots as many men as he can, then grabs something from the mans pocket and runs away*
* I get into my car and I drive to this big black mansion *
*I get into a hotel room and start researching you* what did Jim got me too..
* my mother is Seth Black-Mason and owns 5 big separate companies and is the biggest drug lord and if the leader of the biggest mafia gang and has a daughter names Zoey Black-Mason
*sighs* Why didn’t he tell me I had to kill the daughter of the biggest drug lord, well to late to back down
* I walk to my bathroom *
*starts examining envelope and then opens it* He knew he was going to die there.. this bxtch
* I get into the shower *
*I start the to plan how I’m supposed to get close to her and kill her*
* I get dressed and I call my father *
*i sneak back into the striper club, looking for Jim*
* I go to sleep *
*I find him in a bag, I carry the bag to my apartment and start to look for things that might be useful*
* the next day *
*im still going to the school*
* my father dropped me out of school *
*looks for you, but can’t find you* great.. now I’ll have to find her again *grunts*
* I’m sitting in my kitchen *
* smoking *
*Sits in the library on the farthest corner, opens computer and starts to look for you again*
* you find some scary information about me *
*laughs* this information is definitely modified, obviously no one would actually put there info
* I drive back to the strip club and I look at the security footage *
*sighs* I guess I will have to kill her the hard way..
* I see you talking to the dead man I ask for his belongs but they tell me you took them so I call you *
*i answer* hello darling *laughing*
“hi”* I say in a flirty voice *
oh stop the act *rolls eyes* what do you want
* I laugh *” I want you “
Oh I want your heart *smiles* literally
“ so you want to kill me “ * I laugh *
“ f**k me first “
*sighs* so predictable, go f**k one those perverted men
* I smile * “ well you are one of those perverted men “
no baby I don’t desire you that way, if I want you I can get you *says this in a flirty way*
“ so come get me “* I send back the same energy *
*grunts* I’m just here to kill you, you are just another assignment, don’t think your special *ends call*
* I laugh and i don’t even feel scared I send someone to kill your parents *
*I get a call from my mom, she tells me it’s my fault.. which I’m very confused for*
* the man I hired came back and said that they killed your father and I call you again “
“ hey baby “* I say in a flirty voice *
( one person you can’t kill is my father because no one knows where he lives and he has to many guys *
*picks up* Well played darling, it would have hurt.. if I didn’t hxte him so much *laughs* oh it’s fun to watch how you try to destroy me
“ well baby I’ll destroy “* I laugh and say once again in a flirty voice *
Trust me I’ll be hard to destroy *smiles*
* I laugh *” so still don’t want to f**k me “
No baby, at the end you’ll want to f—k me *laughs*
( do you do dirty role plays )
(ya sometimes, depends on the story and how dirty they get)
*sighs* without getting paid
“ yes”
yes what darling?
“ f**k me that’s all I want from you “
I’ll f—k you when you give me what I want
“ what. do you want “
“your heart *laughs*”
“ f**k yourself “ *I hang up *
*laughs* this people can’t handle things when they get complicated
* I get into my car and I drive to your house and I sneak into your house and I wait for you on your coach *
*I see the door open and know someone entered my hotel room* again? *I walk in with a gun in my hand*
* I get up * “ baby put the gun down “
oh it’s just you *sighs* okay what happened?
“ nothing “
* I walk up to and I put my arms around your neck *
“ why do you sign so much “
because im always disappointed *looks away*
* I let go of you*” why are you disappointed
let’s say nothing really surprises me *looks at you in your eyes*
*I look into your eyes *” well you must have a boring life
very boring *puts tongue out*
* I smile and I walk to the couch *” so why do you want to kill me “
Another assignment *laughs*I bet your dad also makes you assignments, do you have any dr-gs on you?
“what do you want “
*laughs and whispers* you are a drug too..
* I bite my lip and I smile *
*smiles back going into the kitchen*
“ who hired you to kill me “
not important *while opening fridge*
“ tell me “ * I walk up to you *
no *grabs your hips and brings you close*
“ I’ll find out “ * I smile *
*laughs* your so full of yourself.. I love it
* I try to not look at you *
*I touch your check and laugh* aw are you embarrassed *teasing you*
“ your so awful...... I like it
*rolls eyes*
* I slap *” who hired you “
*i laugh* give me your heart and I’ll tell you *smiles*
* I kiss you hard *
*I kiss you back*
* I brace the kiss and I slap you again * “ who hired you for f* k sakes “
shut up and kiss me *starts to kiss you*
* I put my arms around and I try to stop kissing you but I can’t *
* I jump and I put my legs around you*
*I keep kissing you, I want to stop but I can’t*
(wait nvm let’s do this a clean romance)
( okay )
* there’s and nock on the door
*grabs gun* yes?
* I pull my gun out of my pockets there’s one of your colleges and the door *
*points gun at you* don’t even think about it
* I point the gun to your college *
*we point guns at you* if you shoot, I’ll shoot you and my job will be done
* I put my gun back in my pocket
good girl * I smile forced*
“ now what “
*gently walks up to you, then grabs your wrist before you can run* grab her *tells the other one*
* I just smile *
*I quickly shoot that other using my other hand and I shoot your leg*
*I grab you quickly taking the gun out of your hand* Easy, we were just gonna ask you something princess
* I bite your hand *
ow! I said we just wanted to talk! *I knock you out*
* I wake up again *
*You are tied up to a chair, with your hands and knees also tied*
“ what the f* k do you want from me”
I just need some info sweetie *I play with your hair then sit back*
“ I won’t speak “
Don’t worry you won’t have to *I smile*
* I’m trying to get away *
*I grab you* Stop fighting, you can’t break this ropes
*I look away from you *
Okay, should I start the gentle way? *am talking to my buddy*
* I start moving and trying to get loose *
*I roll my eyes* I said you can’t escape
“ f** off”
I’ll just do it the hard way *I grab some cables and place them next to you eyes*
“ get the f**k away from me “
*I go to a machine and begin to search your memories* (I dunno if something like that exists, but let’s just say it does*
*i break the rope behind me , I break the rope around my feet and I pull the wires out *
* I get up quickly and I run to the door and I kill your buddy *
*I let you leave to not call attention and try to see if my buddy if alright*
* I drive back to my house and I get into the bath *
*Im discussing with other buddys*
* * I light a cigar and I do research of you on the dark**webb
*You find nothing but my name*
* I get out of the bath and I get dressed *
*I am planning my buddys funeral*
* I go to bed*
*I stay up some time because I was reading*
*the next day *
*I get ready*
* I call my dad *
*Im walking outside my hotel room, going as fast as I can*
I talk to my dad
I tell him what happened
*He says you have to be more careful*
* I hang up and I pack a bag *
*I go out of my apartment*
* I drive to my down town apartment
*You see me going out of a grocery store*
* I just drive away and I arrive
*Im carrying some bags*
* I pack my clothes into the cupboard
* I put on a tight black dress
*Im talking with a woman in the store, she has a pink suit*
* I’m going to a high class club *
*I enter the club with the woman in pink*
* I’m kinda of drunk *
*I haven’t noticed you, the woman and I are talking to some men*
* I’m very drunk *
*Im still taking and eating sweets*
* I’m half asleep *
*You bump into me and I turn around with a disgusted look in my face*
“ what’s wrong “
nothing just the sweet taste disgusting
“ are you sure “
I’m pretty sure..
* I lean my head onto you
you okay? *im confused*
“ yeah “* I’m kinda drunk