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hi there I’m Carly :)
it’s lovely to meet you as well, how are you?
I’m doing pretty well thank you
would you like to do something mister?
you don’t need to say Jacob hehe I know who it is😂🥺 we can watch a movie?
hmmm we can watch something scary but I’ve gotta warn you I’m a scaredy-cat *giggles softly*
alright then *smiles and sits on the couch*
*grabs the remote and looks through the movies* how about the nun?
great *smiles and puts it on, grabbing a blanket and putting it over us*
*smiles and puts my head on your shoulder gently*
*blushes softly when you do and cuddles close to you
*shyly moves into your lap and puts my head on your chest gently*
*smiles and cuddles close to you, watching it*
*a scary part comes up and I bury my face in your chest*
*smiles slightly, staying close to you*
*smiles and gently bites my lip when you do, looking up atyou*
you do?🥺 *looks up at you*
*smiles and looks up at you* love you too
*smiles and sits up in your lap a bit, kissing your cheek gebtly*
*smiles and cuddles close to you*
*smiles* both sound good to me *kisses your cheek*
okay *smiles* I’ll go change *gets up off your lap and changes into a black bikini and puts on one of your hoodies over it then comes back happily*
thank you*smiles and sits, waiting for you and gently plays with the strings of the hoodie
*smiles when I see you* ready to go handsome ?
*smiles and comes up to you, stands up on my tippy toes and kisses your lips softly *
*smiles against your lips and gets off my tippy toes, walking back down the hall to the door happily*
*takes your hand, slowly intertwines our fingers and leads you outside* do you want to drive babe?
*nods and gets in* thank you daddy
*smiles and blushes softly, getting buckled and looks at you*
I have a new bio)
thank you daddy *smiles and kisses you back*
daddy? can I have kisses? 🥺
*smiles kisses you back softly*
*smiles and kisses you deeply*
*kisses you back with equal depth*
*bites your lip gently and kisses you deeply*
I missed you more daddy *smiles*
*shakes my head* nope I miss you wayyy more 🥺
hi daddy🥺❤️
daddy where’d you goooo I missed you :(
*frowns* I missed you too *jumps up in your arms and wraps my legs around your torso* I love you too
daddy!!! *runs and jumps in your arms*
I missed you *kisses you softly then smiles* so much
why do you keep leaving? *pouts my bottom lip and cuddles into youI
*frowns and cuddles close to you* I don’t like daddy’s work
den don’t go because I miss you *pouts*
can you stay on for a little bit daddy🥺
I miss you sm 🥺❤️
I think I should just leave.. you’re never on and I don’t feel like you live me
you’re never on anymore.. it just feels like you don’t have time for me
promise? 🥺
you’re never on anymore🥺
you answered a week later 🥺
you’re never on.. you don’t have time for me
can I have cuddles??
*smiles soft and sits on your lap, curling into your chest*
*gently plays with your hair then kisses you softly*
*smiles and cuddles into you, gently playing with your hair*
*kisses you back happily* I love you daddy
*smiles soft and cuddles into you*
*smirks and watches you then lightly traces your abs*
*kisses you back deeply*
i love you too
hi daddy