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ima take a shower I loves you baby ❤️
Love u to❤❤
hey baby I’m out ❤️
I miss you ❤️
I miss u to baby❤❤
we should cuddle ❤️ I’m kinda short on breath rn like it’s difficult to breath😩
I'm sorry baby ❤❤
it’s just hormones and nugget I’m okay❤️ just rly tired so I might go to bed in a few mins if that’s okay ❤️
So I'm going to school tomorrow after the appointment ❤ and yea I'm fine with going to bed❤❤
ooo yay ❤️ will you be back by lunch?❤️
Umm idk probably ❤
if you are we should get hot lunch okay❤️ I’ll sign up for it but if you aren’t back for it I won’t get it ❤️
Ok baby❤❤
yes I’m happy now ❤️❤️❤️
Ok good❤❤
hey baby you okay if I go to bed?? I’m getting hella tired hella quick 😩❤️ nugget says it’s passed my bed time 😩❤️
Yea go to b d baby❤❤❤❤
okay baby❤️❤️ I’ll txt you when I wake up I loves you ❤️❤️❤️
I love u to❤❤❤
hurry up in town today I already miss you ❤️
I'll hurry in town ❤❤
not excited to not have you there 😩😩
I'll be back at school ❤❤
better ❤️ baaaaby I’m getting sick 😩
I’m getting sick like my throat is stuffy and scratchy and I’m coughing this morning
like what your parents had and my dad has yea I’m getting it
Well fxck
yea 😔 shorty is sick too
she is she is staying home today
Isn't that nice
yea ik 😔 it’s not like I’m dying my throat is just bugging me but I’ll just bring water to school and drink a shxxt ton of water
Yea best idea❤
I will ❤️
yea ❤️❤️ sucks I’m getting sick 😩
Yea it sucks but it one of those things that u need to get and overcome it❤
yea ik❤️ night have you come over tonight if that’s okay? ❤️ maybe talk to your mom about it today ❤️ I’m not throwing up or anything my nausea is fine it’s just my throat is bugging me ❤️
I'll ask later ❤❤
okay ❤️
Love u❤❤❤
we should just cuddle ❤️
I loves you too❤️
Yes we should cudy❤❤
yes baby❤️ hey if you’re back by lunch you wanna get hot lunch?
Yes ❤
hey bus is coming I’ll see you later love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u to bae😘😘😘❤❤❤❤
ugh this is already shxxt
literally have earbuds in ignoring ppl
I’ll see you when you get here baby okay love you ❤️
nebeker counted you for lunch in case you’re back by then ❤️
my throat hurtssss
i thu m ima tell Jared to sit off and wait for me so I can get lunch if I can fine him
otherwise I won’t eat unless ur back
hey can I go over for the night
okay you might as well come over
my mom said since you’ve been hanging out over here you probably already have it in your body and just aren’t sick yet and idk if you wanna give it to your mom so you might as well come over
my mom told the doctor you’ve been over so he said ig that you already have the virus in your biz you’re just not sick sick yet
maybe you should just come over ig my dad had the same thing yes he was throwing up and was kinda like how shorty is rn so you already have the virus in your body youre just not showing symptoms rn
my mom is hella worried about me like getting sick sick from it cuz I already have it and she thinks it’ll put me in the hospital for sure
you forgot your charger btw baby ❤️
Fxck ok baby❤ I'll ask and see if I can go back over later ok baby hey I love u❤❤
Idk if I can go over baby the movie will be done around 9:50
Hey we gotta go I love u❤❤❤
fxck srsly 😞
okay ig I love you😞❤️
Hey would u be up going to Spokane Wednesday??
Hey I'll ask and see if I can go back over if u really want me to❤
umm Wednesday probably
just kinda didn’t want you to be out that late tonight cuz ima miss you but it’s okay 😔
I mean if your parents would let you come over tonight just show up and cuddles and sleep ❤️
I'll see if I can go over tomorrow ❤
okayyy 😔 don’t kill your phone please then since I have your charger
I have more chargers baby❤❤
okay good 😩❤️
bo bo is cuddling me
when are you guys leaving?😩❤️
Right now baby😔❤❤ hey I love u❤❤❤
okay 😔 loves you too baby😔❤️
ugh get home already 😔 I took a nap and a shower I miss you 😔
So we're going to watch a movie at 2 then we're going to get groceries and head home❤❤❤
good baby❤️ are you at lunch rn?
shxxt you should come over then tonight ❤️
Yea I'm at lunch and yea I might go to ur house❤❤❤ bit I lied movie we're going to starts at 3 be done around 4:50 and we'll head home and possibly go to ur house❤❤❤
okay you should ❤️ hey my throat is getting a little better btw ❤️
Been drinking tea???
well once you left I took a nap then took a shower and now my throat is feeling a little better ❤️❤️
That's good baby❤❤❤❤
yes ❤️ it’s still hella sore but better ❤️
So tomorrow I gotta help my dad put new brake pads on the car
Clad ur feeling better❤❤
ugh okay 😔 can you still come over for the night and just go over and help him tomorrow?
Yea probably ❤❤
okay I hope so ❤️
Same baby❤
ima make a new post okay ❤️