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Feel free to repost this, to get everyone on. :
This is such an awesome I'll have to check it out
just joined! love this idea
idk if this too complex of an idea, but maybe each member of the chat could have their own individual channel to put stuff in? like collages, art, or other work? idk how often that would get used tho
No problem. I was just checking it out, is there like a way you can talk to everyone that Jones the group other than the direct messages. I don't know if that makes sense:)
Oh i see it thanks!!
This is a cool idea, I’ll have to check it out.
hi this sounds so cool, how does it work? 💜
ok i’ll download it now :))))
IM? I only know of DM what’s IM
I joined :)
i feel really bad for being so inactive :’)
Aahhhh I see😂
I’ve downloaded it now ❤️
Great Idea BTW!
is IM instant messaging?
sounds so fun!
I’m glad I’ve found someone who’s tastes the good memes.
AW thats so sweet aaaaah😭💖
thank you so much kat :)
it's already started but I'd love your help on the final touches. everyone who helps will get credit
thank you 🥰🥰
tysm💗 i’m so glad
I tried it but it doesn’t work on my phone 😪
cool tho!!