🦜 3•11•22 🦜 (TAP)

Hello, bluebells!
I hope you’ve been doing well, spring is almost upon us!
Aotd: Fav season and why?
Aotd: Spring bc it’s so cheerful, colorful, and just the right temperature. 🌸 ☀️ 🌳


🦜 3•11•22 🦜 (TAP) Hello, bluebells! I hope you’ve been doing well, spring is almost upon us! Aotd: Fav season and why? Aotd: Spring bc it’s so cheerful, colorful, and just the right temperature. 🌸 ☀️ 🌳

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🦜 3•11•22 🦜 (TAP) Hello bluebells! I hope you’ve been doing well, spring is almost upon us! Aotd: Fav season and why? Qotd: Spring bc it’s so cheerful, colorful, and just the right temperature. 🌸 ☀️ 🌳
i like either autumn or summer bc summer u can eat ice cream and autumn bc its soo pretty 🤩
this is so cute 😍
This is so pretty!! Aotd: I dunno like autumn or some thing like summer to Xd I like summer cause we get away from school;-; Autumn is like chilly but cool at the same time<33
Amazing and stunning
Thank you!!
I’m good
Love the quote!❤️
aotd: I would say summer! ☀️bc I have allergies on cold!☹️
I'm great thank you for asking hru?
Ah, this is beautiful!!
Aotd: summer because I do not like the cold and where I live the cold is bad and there's almost no spring
wow love this
the style of text is immaculate
aotd: all of them because each season has their own features which makes each special!
summer because it’s nice and warm spring because of the rain the flower buds and the trees sprouting fall because of the beautiful colours and winter because of the snow that looks like a bedsheet
and sparkles in the sun I
omg so cute
Also any advice on collaborations and things you have learnt from collaborating with others as I made a post for advice for collaborations on my third account forevermore_dreams13
thank u so much, i'm glad u found it helpful😭❤️ and my native language is Italian lol😂
btw this is super pretty, that parrot looks so cute i can't🥺 aotd: fall and winter💓
hey how have you been♥️
I love how you did the colours!! It looks so neat and pretty 😍
Another one! ❤️❤️❤️
thank you :) also quick question, how did u do the text with multiple colours, it looks so beautiful 👀👀
I have some homework I should probably start on today and not tomorrow
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girl this is beautifulllll
Did you apply for collage showdown yet?
But sometimes I do my homework on Sundays because I push it off to the last minute lol
OMG,OMG LAURA I just hit 1.2k like HOW!?!?
Thank you ❤
Same I also Applied for judge maybe we will both be judges
oh- I feel dumb now 😔😔 but thank you :)
Also why did you say omg Laura? I'm Lucy lol
and got it, thanks for clarifying :) don’t bother to reach out to me if u need a judge in your contests
It’s fine it must have thought you were typing Laura so it auto corrected
aweee tysmm
I love getting your sweet comments too♥️♥️ and I’m good thxx💖
I have absolutely no clue lol
I do not like it either haha
I have really great mittens, and I'll where them wherever I go during the winter
Where I live, in the winter it will get to like -15 F
I remember one time I had to go to school and it was -21 F
what’s your name I can call you by your name!!!
It is warming up a bit now, but before in January it was really bad lol
this is so cute!
summer and winter… cause it’s Christmas and summer and my birthday is in December and summer is VACATION ❤️
^^oof that’s kinda messy (the way I wrote down the sentence)
ty i really appreciate it
this is absolutely stunning btw
nice name Laura!!! and yes you can call Me Sage I’ll tell you my name when I’m comfortable sorry 😐
Aww thank you!!
i seriously thought you used another app haha and thank you :)
im fine thanks hbu? i loved doing it too!
this is so pretty! aotd: probably winter! I just love how it’s christmas and my mom makes these REALLY good cookies during christmas she never makes them expect during winter so that’s exciting to look forward too !! and also it rains a lot for me when it’s winter and I just LOVE rain :)
why are you so nice?!?! TELL ME
thank you so much!!! i love these colours
thanks and that’s great!
oooooh this is sooo pretty :D
Hi Laura! how’ve you been?❤️❤️
oml- it doesn’t 😔😔 I tried using picsart for an edit but because it was so different compared to pc and ig it didn’t want to co-operate with me on saving my drafts, I literally gave up on it- but sometimes I do my text on another app because the fonts that pc provides are quite limited unless u have the vip thingy, and sometimes for the filters like if I can’t find the “right” ones on pc I’ll just go to photos to change the “looks” of the edit if u get what I mean :)
i could give you a tutorial if you want, if I have the time 💀💀 but honestly most of my collages are inspired by other ppl, there are barely any collages that are more “original”. because i tend to make collages inspired by others, I would say try to you know follow what they did but not too closely since it may be copying and the original collager may not like it. you can also try to give a little touch of your own to the collage. for the vday one, I honestly couldn’t find the perfect pictures for it to look exactly like the original which was by @-Blinded- so had to make my own touches here and then but overall the main inspo was from her :)
personally it depends on my mood as well, whether I would like to go with smtg simple or more complex so then it roughly helps me to decide what kind of pictures/pngs/fonts that I want to use for my text etc
Hey I'm doing great, how've you been?
thank you!
awe that sūcks!
I have beard this problem a lot lately and idk why pc is doing that!😔
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i've been great!
yes, i have a collab coming soon with my friend @KittyCat2008
Awwwwwwww thank you so much!💞
I'm doing good hru?
yeah you should since it’s so gorgeous!
oh yeah sure:)
Thank you for letting me know about that. Also I do have a main account but I'm not active there anymore, I opened this account because it didn't require as much activity and I enjoy running contests.
I'd like to keep my main account a secret so this account can remain a neutral competition account. Thank you for your understanding.
ahhhh you’re sooo sweet!!!! and tyy how have you been!!
aww ty pretty style
thank youu!!
Thank you!!
It really depends on the poem where the inspo comes from, this one comes from a rant I wrote down when I was going through some feelings. It literally just kinda popped in my head, like this is how I feel rn. It was too good to not make a poem out of it :)