☁️Inspired By: GalaxyStar88☁️
☁️Oh No! I have the MCA's soon, it's this HUGE test we take! Wish me luck!☁️


❄️Tap❄️ ☁️Inspired By: GalaxyStar88☁️ ☁️Oh No! I have the MCA's soon, it's this HUGE test we take! Wish me luck!☁️

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good luck!💕
I hope u do good on ur test!😄👍
Great thanks😘! Remix the backround when you find one!
alright thanks!!!
good luck! (again😂)
love the quote!!! thanks btw
omg!! I have MCAS to! so scared! but ours is on a computer!
u get to choose gum?!?!! not fair!😣 we only get one mint, sometimes two, it depends on how long we're doing the test! so i have to make it last throughout the whole thing!😣
hey! wanna chat?
I'm in study hall so i can be on my ipad!
how many MCA's do u have to take?
so scared!!
ha! i know right?!😝 i was on my ipad in math!😅
ok, legit 2 min. till schools out!
Good luck! This is sooo pretty!! xx
Tysm!!! I love thisss!! Love the color choice!!😆😆💞💕
Good Luck!!!
no I live in Massachusetts! but it is called MCAS
Np!!😂😂 Omg I just took my English tests the past four days that my states takes😣😣
Your collages are freaking goals! You're so talented and creating! Keep doing what you're doing! 😊💖👏✨
sorry! i was just commenting on @GoofyGenius's account and i happened to see your comment!(oops! that sounds really suspicious😅)
same, btw, that Minnesota thing!😅😄😬 ooooh its cooold!😬😄
sorry! i know i wasn't supposed to see that comment!😬😬😅😬
but, u know, it probs doesn't matter that much! we don't go to the same school anyway!
Tyssmmmm!! xx
well in the winter it is but in the summer it's really warm! but yeah we mostly have cold weather😔😑😂 what about you?
Yes of course I want to be frens with you! 💕 and your collages are amazing!
Haha no problem! They r amazing :-)
Haha 😂 I'm at a math competition, I think I failed tho 😂
yep! plain, cold, Minnesota! but I'm moving so i won't be here for long!😄 but Arizona actually gets a lot more snow! i think they got like 2 feet last!😬
we're having a student vs staff basketball game so we have to sit on hard bleachers watch an hour long b-ball game!!😫😣(nope, i don't really like b-ball! well, actually it's more like the hard seats that bother me! 😅😂😂
i was just sitting in choir watching people do karaoke, and i was sitting on the floor, and it was hard, and yeah!😫😅😫
I'm 13 how old are u?
😂😂only about a year and a half younger than me! Cherish your youngness😂😂 If that's a word😂
lol! but it couldn't have been at the same school cause you're in 6th grade, right?
i have a sister who's in 6th too!
but she's 12 and I'm 13 so we're not that far apart!
what's up? are u still at school?
Ehhh i did ok 😂
oh! i wish i could make crafts for my room! i can't cause it's supposed to be a guest bedroom and we have to keep it neutral for the pics!😐 but i really want to have a type of theme on my room instead of just having random tings laying around that aren't even color coordinated!😂😅
Haha 😂 that's EXCACTLY what I think, math is just UGH but I'm good at it 😂
Haha 😂
ooooh! pretty!😄💖
wow. this is so beautiful😍
Tysm! 💕
awww, you're way too nice❤
This is amazing!!
hello. the next round of spring flower games r up. and you can check the elimination sheet to c if u r still in the game
lol! my room has light grey walls and turquoise bed covers!😄😬😬 booring!
ugh! more house work! but......exciting news!!
I don't think so😉
unfollow picture--perfect 😖why are you even friends with her she is horrid? unfollow now!!!! you'll be free of her mess of collages😡
why not? I need to show everyone how horrible she is. you all are blind😡😫
why would I be jealous of HER? even you are better 😖
if you unfollow I can give you everything you have ever wanted on PC
your farrrrrrrr better than picture--perfect I could see that with my eyes closed
it diddd I now know to improve but your just saying that if picture--perfect posted them you would all love them posting lovely comments it is all FAKE
I follow for her latest mess update so I can tell you what is wrong
change of plans: not Monday.😒
ikr!😑 at least there's not much work to do anymore!🤗
yay😂😂 lol
thank you!😊💕
thanks :)
Sorry it's delayed, but I'm still working on it!
m not much 😂 lol I'm watching little big shots and it's FREAKING ADORABLE
I know 😂😂
your account is beautiful!!❤️❤️❤️
got to follow your amazing account 🌹❤
will spam later🌹❤😘
she is horrid spiteful cow! you just follow because you feel sorry
IS SHE EVEN YOUR FRIEND? you don't even know her
maybe you should get to know her before you start protecting her. you aren't protecting her you just don't like haters
ask her friends when was the last time they talked??? she is actually quite lonely on PC look your talking to me while she might be on too. I would've thought her friends would care but they haven't touched me muhaha 👿
Picture--perfect sucks!!!!!!
stop standing up for her!!!
Tysm!! And omg!!!!!!!!! XD XD 3 more!!!!
OMG OMG😆😆👏🏻👏🏻
ONE MORE!!!!!😱😱😱😱😆😆👏🏻👏🏻💞💖
Omg yayyyyy I can't wait!!!!😆😆😆
she has left!! whooo I have an accomplishment 🎉🎉🎉🎉
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊YAYYYY CONGRATSSSSSS
how can you trust and believe in her? she might NEVER👿
Np!! And yeah😭😭😭😭😭😭
CONGRATULATIONS ON 1K!!!!!!!!🎉🎊💕😘🦄😍🐳🎈😂
ugh everyone I know is watching it and I'm just here like a potato
no Netflix or anything!
I read he book and I really wanna watch it but I caaant
idk I think I'm dying
Aw man, it keep going back to 999😬 Gosh darn it☹️ And awwwww I hope your dad finds a job soon💞😞
HI! I'm Kennedy! I was looking at your account and I think it is AMAZING! ✨
omg I'm so sorry!! 😞 I've been so busy with my life right now,... and holy cow this is AMAZING! Words can't even describe how amazing this is!! I will try to post today, school has been interfering with my schedule again I'm so sorry 😔💗