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You there? Luke?
Can you let me talk to Josh?
You guys are locked in!!
Exactly.. can't hear you from outside, don't go telling anyone
Nope, checked plenty of times. Maybe we're going to have to sleep here...
I wish I was in there...
You don't, it's boring. Someone will get suspicious if you guys linger around, go home and text from there.
This is freaky. Now I'm the oldest. What about Faith?!
What about her?
How am I supposed to feed her and stuff?!
She isn't a dog, just heat up some soup or something.
But you usually do that!!!
I know...You know how to use the stove though.
oh dear hope you guys are safe!
🏳⚓️🥄🍴🌫🌪 that's so scary!😱 i almost got stuck in a bathroom once! that was really scary! but at least the people outside can tell your mom where u are! is the pool open tmrw? then u could get out! and where are u going to sleep?
🐭 oh no
🐘 Oh my goodness! Well at least you're okay now!
WOAH CREEPY( gray emoji, cause im lazzy)