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I need advice... I think...
go for it
who’s watching the royal wedding tomorrow? everyone’s having street parties and stuff it’s amazing!!!!
so... I was shipped with my crush
someone sent me a note saying Bryn loves Beth and I was like omg and he drew on my face today I love him and it’s really bad 😑😭
oh God... I've been shipped with three people, one is my crush. So a group of five ppl in my ela class are doing this project to help fifth graders understand what jh will be like. My crush is in that group with me. We were videoing answers to questions. He and I were gonna do it together and it was really awkward. 1. They told us to scoot closer together. 2. One girl in the group told him to put his arm around me. 3. People in our class kept on coming out to the hall and saying, "I ship it". 4. The girl that told him to put his arm around me, told him to kiss me. So, he didn't put his arm around me, kiss me(obviously), or act like the ship was bad. Then he told that girl to come over and he would put his arm around her. She practically yelled no. Idk what to think... And the end of school is next week!
I kinda wanna tell him, but I don't want to get rejected. Also, I get embarrassed really easily, so I wouldn't want to tell him in person... HELP!
Omg I say you go for it! you should maybe ask to go out somewhere with him and maybe a few other people and then try and get closer to him
I'm so shy...
I. Am. Not. In. A. Good. Mood. Right. Now.
Long. Story.
Do. Not. Want. To. Tell
is anyone one? i'm so frickin bored/tired/angry.
honestly, I feel like crying rn... for many reasons.
my parents are fighting, I didn't get a yearbook even though I ordered one, and the end of school is in 3 & a half days do I'm probably never going to get the courage to tell Ramón that I like him.
this happened to me a while ago. don't worry. everything will fix itself. also- school ends soon for you!! awesome!! I'm in the middle of my school year. exams next week 😫
Guys. I'm crying. I'm seriously thinking about leaving PC for good. My parents have been fighting for months now and I'm stuck hearing it. I mean, I don't want to leave PC. It keeps me happy when I'm scared. Y'all always make me feel better. But honestly, I have thought about deleting this app.
I feel like my parents are gonna get a... di.. divorce... It pains me to say it..
I feel you I always hear my parents yelling at each other
But It’s not your Fault don’t blame yourself
my mom cries almost every time they fight and I just turn up my volume on my ear buds... like right now... sometimes i cry myself to sleep...
i feel like it's more my dad's fault. apparently he goes out for runs during his lunch break with others people in his office and has for awhile. my mom and I are just not hearing about it, only because my mom asked to see his phone since it feels like he has been hiding it lately. i'm dying inside.
hey Sara. don't worry. you will be fine. my parents fight all the time. we are all here for you. stay strong okay? don't let it get to u.
meanwhile I'm here being ignored bc my brother did well in his hwk and writing. and his writing got published in the newsletter and mine never did. (because my school didn't publish writing in the newsletter) so now even tho I've got exams in Monday, won my dance Comp and have regional x country placements, my parents haven't spoken to me all day. they forgot to drive me to my netball game so I ended up running the 7k too. and then back. so yeah. feel so loved. -_-
sorry for the rant. I'm just kinda rly pïssed and sad rn.
Thanks Maggie... and sorry about your situation...
yeah... oh well. my pity party is over. how ru going Sara? any better today?
i guess. i got to see one of my nieces. she was so peaceful and alert.
aww. thats lovely
hola. hola. hola. telling my crush today... I think...
or tomorrow
so rn is my PE "final" (aka do whatever we want) and all of my friends left me for someone else, not even thinking of me. some of them are with the populars, others with 7th graders, leaving me alone by myself. i feel useless and unwanted.
so not real friends. i also feel invisible. not much of a surprise cause i always am.
and just when one person comes up to me, they start talking about their unrealistic expectations. again, not thinking of me. not asking how i'm doing. but telling me their problems. and that person just left.
i can't even tell my so called friends my problems cause they barely say a word
Guys...I have to return my ipad tommarow,,,...
what does that mean???
my mom is crying again.
I WONT BE ON PC TILL SEPTEMBER cause my mom singed me up for camp and she took away the ipad she gave me
OMG no. but we promise we will still be here until u get back 💕💕
noooooo we love youuuu
thanks guys!❤️
Guys its time for me to leave( temporaraly) bye😭😭😭
baiiii. best of luck 💕💕💕🌏🌏🌏😢😢
omg that's so cool tho Kat- there are no camps in Aus like that :(( but we will miss u so much.
im back temoraroly im just going to make annabeth go missing for now
Annabeth:* wanders around the forest bad idea*
celesta was in the bathrooms, leaving a note on each cubicle door. the notes were for everybody. some nice. some encouraging. some sharing her experiences. some advertising to others they should do the same. it made her feel a lot better. the last stall. the one she had cried after Han- Hannah had died... she took a deep breath and pinned the final note.
NOTE- "hello anyone who reads this. I want to tell you about someone special. there was a girl I knew. she was like my older sister. she was absolutely amazing. perfect in every way but one. she doubted herself. and now she's gone. you may know who I'm talking about. you may not. I'm sure her name will go down in history. but I want you to know. people do fall apart. I regret letting her go. I know it's my fault. I wish is wasn't. but it is. and now I can't change it. but you can. xox C
Jessica wondering into the bathroom with her sketch book she starts drawing a picture of a valley and flowers floating around the sketch the drawing was almost realistic.
celesta turned and saw via. she ran over and hugged via when she realised she was crying.
Ava: walks back to her dorm and hears Celesta speaking to someone she recognised the voice but couldn’t figure out who it was she listened *they want to investigate? and what could Hannah have possibly done that was bad?!!
celesta shook her head: no way. Hannah would tell someone. and it's Hannah. she never did anything bad. nothing to ever hurt someone purposely. and via- I promise Hannah will get a letter. from me. and from everyone. the investigation won't last. your strong enough. as we've got your back.
celesta gave via a quick hug: "come on. let's go get tea or something. we need some cheering up.