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💝-14/2/2021-💝 Caption in comments💕

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! My entry for wandering1’s contest! This quote is really special to me because it’s how I feel. I’m not in a relationship and I don’t need to be. Personally I feel like I’m too young for it and that’s ok. There is someone out there for everyone but you don’t go looking for them. They will find you one day when you’re ready. You don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate today. You have your family and your friends and yourself! So today make sure that they know you love them. Have a great day💕 ~ocean
this is amazing! you are so talented! I love the quote!
this is amazing I love this new style 😍
@caption that’s exactly right! you can do whatever you wish to do with your life and don’t let the worlds definition of love define you 💖💖💖
and re my other acc not rlly but u mean it’s not like it’s a secret
idk tbh ask angel 😂
SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!🤩🤩😍😍💞💞
@caption, SO TRUE GIRLLL 🥳
ya I have nooo chance I’m out of the contest for sure 😂
omg the caption 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and this collage 🤩🤩🤩 i rlly needed to hear that 💕 happy valentine’s day 💞
This is stunning!!
Hey there !! Im having a contest and I would love if u join!!!
aw thanks 😊
aww love the quote!
thank you 😊
would like two days be okay??
thanks you so much you also add my account into the aesthetic series if you want to
and this collage is amazing
i submitted my entry!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️✨
I mean our the only one who like know knows but it’s not a secret i don’t think 😂
happy valentines day! just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and i'm so so glad to be your friend❤️
thank you! ❤️
this is gorgeous! love the font combo!
this is 😱💕🤩
ah thanks 😭❤️
i'm telling you, biscuits and gravy is the besttt
wow so amazing!! ❤️🙊👀👀
thank yoooo 😁💕
nahh, it just my mom's phone ( i forgot my phone )
n ikrrr, that pic has a snapchat filter thats why it looks amazing
wait, no the top LEFT pic has a filter, the top right is just an idea i found on Pinterest lol
yep😎definitely a lot of cons but I love them
aw tysmmmm 💞💞💞 and i’m happy you enjoyed it☺️
awww tysm!!💕💕
omg I listened to that playlist 🖐🥲
ty 🤎🤎
so I’ve tried and it just didnt work cuz I didn’t really understand want you meant
stop img I love this sm
wowwww it’s just
too much for words omg
angel 😑 😂
ur supposed to be in bed 😂
lol, its also my sister's photography skills ig? like the pics of me were taken by her...n ig the angling n everything matters right?
ikkkkk I was literally thinking that bahahaha
Aw thxxxx
oof idk lol
I’m not rlly sure if this counts as pastel but u could try @Blissful_Sunday
hi ocean. I just rmb abt our contest 😣
I chose who I wanted to eliminate and I’m gonna share with you...if u don’t agree with me we can decide then
tgt then*
so I was thinking we eliminate team boho
and for team indie we eliminate either xo-sunshiner-xo or trixie11245
for team retro it will be Lila_tangerine
and for team vintage I can’t rlly decide not that their collages are just too good just that their rlly similar and I can’t decide between them
aw thank you!!
nooooo not a vanilla fan😭😭😭😂
I tried reading it a while back but I just couldn’t get into it😂
🚨important post🚨
aw no probables!! I hope you get some more!! love your collages!! have a great day✨❤️
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new post
thank you✨☺️
aw ty !! ahaha it’s all good we back @100😂💗
me tooooo😂
this is stunning👌😤🤞✨
that’s weirdddd
ahhhh yes there both superior 🖐🥴
bahahaha it’s a BIG mystery 🤣🤣🤣
new post 🍄💕
I mean it’s up to you how you incorporate the quote but it should be readable xxx
you don’t have to make it the main focus or you can but expand it a little 💞
hope that makes sense xx
oh oki
I’ll give u the layout latest by tmr
hey ocean I forgot smtg
what is the theme for our our next round gonna be?
I was thinking we could do like a mix of the themes
for example for team vintage the theme we mix vintage and retro and for team retro we mix retro and indie and lastly for team indie we mix it with vintage what do u think?
also shld premades be allowed?
hehe.. I love your collages sm!! 💀😎💪🏻💪🏻✨
yea well then the themes won’t be mixed properly
oki let’s not allow premades
I was thinking of letting the due date be 28 feb
aww thanks so much 🥰
can you plz come and join my contest
round one of the GLOBAL RACE is out now! this round is a trial round, so there will be no eliminations, but you still need to participate. this week we are traveling to san francisco to see the golden gate bridge! see my latest post for more details! (due feb 27)
ocean will u tell me if my postcard is good
but do u have any suggestions or anything
k I wntefed it nene
*entered it hehe what even a
**what even-
ugh 🙄
u wanna do a collab uwu
re from my extra me too 😒
yeah 😂
ikr what even 😂
ahh okay! no worries 💞💞 glad u like it x
if ur ever looking for another icon just lmk hehe
aw tysm 🥲🥲
omg I’m so sorry! the power was out at my house and my phone died, I’m almost done with the collage
hi I posted my collage for ur black history month series
thank you
ohhh oki
I actually thought myb this quote is better?
aw tysm 🥲🥲
😭❤️idk I’m im not really lol. thank you