13.12.19 「t a p」
hi I’m back :) check the remixes for a lil life update n why I’ve been gone. I’ve missed talking to y’all vv much 💗 hope we can catch up
QOTD: favourite cereal?
AOTD: Nutri Grain - its better without milk tbh


13.12.19 「t a p」 hi I’m back :) check the remixes for a lil life update n why I’ve been gone. I’ve missed talking to y’all vv much 💗 hope we can catch up QOTD: favourite cereal? AOTD: Nutri Grain - its better without milk tbh

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omw that’s insane😂 does she still work there? and we missed youuuu♥️
woah this never happens where I live😂
you had such an eventful childhood
yeah but that would be kind of entertaining to watch💀
OMG aotd: lucky charmsss
aww ty❤️❤️
ohh my god that’s so awkward feels bad💀aotd cocoa pebbles
The way you described your teacher was wild from start to finish I-
a very good point 😂
thanks so much for all of your sweet comments!! they mean a lot 💗
thanks! my finals went really well :)
awww omg aw thank youu!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
awwww so freaking sweet of you 💗💗💗
Thank you so much!!❤️
love my childhood 🤡🤡 abajsj mE
awww boo!! they’re so good!
thank you so much!!!😭❤️
aww tysm❤️also speaking of diabetes my science teacher has it and on thursday his blood sugar got really low and he almost passed out
I’m super excited for the black widow movie!!
thx xx
aww thank you! if It doesn’t work out for biology for me (I hv terrible memory) at least I have design coming for me 😂
yeah I know about that website, I checked it out earlier this morning too and I really want one but it’s too expensive for just a bracelet says my mum:( thanks for commenting that so anyone who reads it on my account can know about it!
me too! I’m doing pretty good for science but that was only bcz I studied soooo much and most of the time I forgot what I studied for so rip me:( and I rlly doubt they’re gonna hire me as a vet for being only passionate
awh thanks!! hope your life is going great too :DD
he’s fine now, but yeah it was pretty scary
yOU’RE SO NICE!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!! 💗💗💗 I’m just !!!!!!! wow thanks :)!! 💗💗💗
your storytimes r so entertaining lol😂
omg! I didnt know their were cheaper versions! I guess I have to explore the website more hehe but I absolutely want them😫
and aww thanks so much! I’m sure I can achieve it too but apparently it takes 7 years in just a normal vet school and I have to dissect a greyhound, which I used to have and I love! I don’t know how I’m gonna do that:( and the greyhound is alive and healthy and everything and if it survives the dissection, they kill it:( because there’s too many greyhounds in the world, it’s so sad because greyhounds could only be owned by royalty by the Romans a long time ago, and now because they’re the fastest dog they’re getting abused with racing:(
my old dog had a bare buttt because they made him sleep on concrete:(
awww tysmmmmm x
ahhhh you’re actually sooo kind that means a lot that you like my collagessss thanks!!!
you put so many nice things on my account!!!!! ahhhh its too sweet skdykwldpwmxbh 😂😂🤩💗
oh thank you! 🥺🤍
hey, im just here to tell you that i see the comments that you put on other's collages, and just wanted to tell you how kind and sweet you are to everyone 🥰
re:// tbh same lol
thanks!!! you’re so sweet!
Tysm I'm syd btw and it's so nice to meet you. That Live_Original is so nice I love her. I've only been here for maybe four days and all I've been trying to do is comment on peoples accounts and about their collages. My goal is to spread kindness and notice each accounts theme and what sets them apart. I'm not the one to just say this looks good or I love it. I liked to really look at their collage and notice different things and compliment them on it:) Sorry for huge rant. I hope to get to know you better:)
of course they make people smile! kindness is greatly appreciated everywhere :) 💗❤
Lia thank you so much and I hope we can become friends!! And your so welcome for the spam of likes you deserve it. Thanks for the follow it really means a lot:)
awwe thank you so much 🥺🥺💗 i love your storytimes they're so funny and interestinggg 😂☕🍵
great that life is treating us well atm !!
exactly, everyone thinks that a building that can easily be repaired later on is more important than an issue that will affect the entire world not just France, there will be a mass extinction by 2050 and we humans are to blame for it! we are the cancer cells to the earth, all we do is try to live by destroying our home, that’s what cancer cells do. we are the apex predators with no purpose in life, if it wasn’t for our larger brain we would be the bottom of the food chain because we can’t even eat most things raw without getting sick, our only adaptions to life IS WRINKLY FINGERS! do you know how ashamed I am to be human?
yeah that’s what I thought, dissecting one animal will help me save more, but it’s going to be so hard for me because I frickin love greyhounds so much😖
and the most common colour is black and I had a black greyhound and the chances are, I will have to dissect a black greyhound and it’ll remind me so much of my dog, it’ll feel like I’m killing my own friend😔
welp, when you move out you can own as many chow chows as you want💀that’s the problem with parents, they never understand fun anymore lol like I want another dog (we had to give away my 2 greyhounds because we couldn’t afford their food but now we’re making more money and can afford it) but she said she’s too lazy to walk them, and I said I would, and she called me a liar but we moved houses, and the new community is better than my old one and it looks to much more naturisitic eheh
omg I just searched chow chows up (sorry I don’t know much dog breeds that areinternwtional hehe) AND THEIR SOOOP FLUFFY DKEKDMD
ahaha so true
thank you so muchhhh
yeah they look like they would need high maintenance oop. awww:( that’s so unfortunate I think having a pet is a rewarding experience and it really trains you to take care of something! at least I have a tamed birb who spends more time with me than in the cage😂and my mum amd I are getting another birb this Christmas, and my brother has like two giant tanks, one with 3 medium sized goldfish, and the other with like gazillian smaller sardine looking goldfish💀
succulents are super easy to take care of! you only need to water it like once a week and that’s it aha
climate change is absolutely devastating:( I still don’t understand how people would ignore such an issue, and Donald trump thinks it’s a myth, leading others to think so too for some reason 0.0
well if you’re passionate about something, it makes you write more and faster ahah so I’m glad you’re passionate about this because I know sooo many people who ignore climate change:( even my brother doesn’t recycle or whatever and I constantly have to do it for him, AND MY FRIEND THREW OUT A GOOD BAG WHICH WOULD TAKE AGES TO DECOMPOSE AND IT WAS SUCH GOOD CONDITION FOR REUSE! I had to legit lean into the trash can to get it back otherwise it would be a waste! literally everytime I have to give her a lecture about littering but all she does is ignore me:(
thanks so much! ill try and stay calm through my exams. 💗
Lia your honestly amazing. Your comment made me so happy you'll never know. It makes me so happy to see someone who is always brightening peoples day, just because you took the time to look at their account and notice stuffy that most people wouldn't. I am so glad I met you I know for sure we are going to be great friends. I was reading through all your story times and I love them we may not know you, but they way you write them we can sorta tell by the way you detail your also expressive. You have such a kind heart and the best talent you possible could which you do is making peoples day. Noticing their talents and pointing them out your absolutely amazing I hope you know that:)
thank you very much! 😊
aw you’re the best! ❤️❤️❤️
oh my goodness thank you so so much! you're the sweetest person i know! ☺️❤
thanks so much!! I really appreciate your advice 💓
Aw, if you ever need to talk I’m here for you. 💕Also ty
thankyou thankyou so much!☺️💖💗💕❤️🥰❤️♥️
click here for my extras acount, there’s a shoutout for you on here, for being so nice and kind to not just me but lots of people!☺️💖💗💕💕💕
awww thankyou again, that means a lot!!☺️💖💕💗
ooo really?! i live in australia!!
aahhh that’s what I was hoping for:) thanks so much💗
ikr:( I had to do a campaign as part of my humanities assignment and I chose climate change and the more I researched into it, the more I became scared and obsessed with it
ty, things are getting better. I’m hopefully getting a counselor and just telling someone that can help me, feels like a big thing put off my chest. 💕 Ty I try to be as kind as possible. 🤍😂
tysm!! 💓💓💓
Honestly thank you so much your amazing💕 I hardly no you,but I know for sure we are gong to get along along so well. I just hope you never stop what your doing. Your talent in helping others and seeking to find the best in their work is contagious and it makes others want to do the same. Little do you know each of your comments is brightening someones day or lifting up their confidence. Your support for everyone and how your willing to help others when they have a bad day and just listen to them and give them good advice's. As I am on PC and go through the years I hope to take your example and make people smile all the time:)💕
omg i swear your collages are just the besttttttt!!! ahhh I love em so much! i love just reading through themmm!!!! 😆😁😁😁
aw thanks so much!!! 💛
lol same
AOTD: Cornflakes with honey and milk