7-10-19 - {1/3} - tap!
new theme + style! thoughts?
it’s funny that i only post at night 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
^ my sleep schedule is WRECKED 😂
ooooh it’s saturday night yEAH 🙏🏼😈
qotd: i’m curious: how did you meet me/find my account? 🤔


7-10-19 - {1/3} - tap! new theme + style! thoughts? it’s funny that i only post at night 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ ^ my sleep schedule is WRECKED 😂 ooooh it’s saturday night yEAH 🙏🏼😈 qotd: i’m curious: how did you meet me/find my account? 🤔

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I loveeee this!!
thank you!
That's good. yeah earthquakes are more common in the southwest. there are so many a day where I live in arizona but all of them are too small to feel
.aotd: I think from you on the swiftie-club when I first joined
yeah idk who decide to build on top of all those fault lines
I love this 👏and this style is pretty cool 👌
aotd: through umm. yeah. this person. who likes man united.
and you know that i LoVe this!! 💖💖
@caption same tho I feel like when it’s late and I have nothing else to do i just have random sparks of collage energy (LoL is that a thing)/creative energy
woahhh amazing
after my 2 years of break I checked who continues to comment on every single post of mine and you were the only one😂💕 ILY💞
this edit is so beautiful 😍
this is amazing
this is so pretty!💛
thank you audrey😭😭🧡
@caption: I honestly don’t remember 😂
AOTd: idk it was over a year ago (maybe even more)
was just listening to this song too 😂😂
this is so cute!! love this style 😍 + I have no idea how I found your account lol
*copy an paste* lights camera action 🎬🎟 come on down and join the movie games genres ranging form horror to comedy come join before it gets full!!!
I know me too but it’s summer it’s all good *says with bags under eyes* 😬
love this style!!!
no problem and thanks!!
you’re oh so welcome 💗
aw thank you❤️
honestly, all of their songs are bobs 😂😂
aotd: I have no idea but I’m glad I did!
yEs has this been done before? bc I have no idea but I really wanna start this if people will join
oooh light colors are so pretty💗and thank you!! omg haha😂😂thank for putting the effort to find it anyway😂
this is amazing btw!! aotd: i’m pretty sure u started commenting on my collages? not rlly sure tbh😅✨
thank youuuu🥰
I’m rewatching it before they take it off ☹️
me toooooo 😂
✌️I made the collaborative playlists, they’re linked on my account, feel free to join and add songs
haha @editbee did the text, but yes!💛
so is this!
thank you :)
aw thank you !! ⭐️
aw thanks!
also this is amazing wowow
they are quite satisfying!
aww thanks!
aww thank you so so much!! 😘💞🤗
thank you :)
thank you and yes😭I really miss him💔
GORGEOUS! The style is so cool! 😍
aotd: through the Swiftie club
Thank you!!💕
no prob!
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Hey!!! 🌹I’m Apollo🌹✨first of all, you’re amazingly talented and I LOVE you’re collages💕 second of all, I’m sorry for the spam. I know it’s annoying and I’m sure you get it all the time💕 and like astly of all, thank you so very much for actually taking the time to read this because I know there are more important things you could be doing right now✨ so I’m new to piccollage and I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but I’m pretty sure you have🤔 if there are ANY tips (like good people to make icons, pngs, good editing apps to use, etc.)you have, then I’d love to hear them (ANYTHING HELPS)🤗 Also if you don’t mind follows, likes, and comments, are MUCH appreciated🤗 Have a magical day💫💫 ❤️love Apollo❤️
it sucks and but I mean what can you do bc it’s funny- the feeling never really fades but for them it seems like nothing ever happened *insert teenage angst & drama here* but hey at least in summer you likely don’t have to see these people everyday
and you know it’s not like you can just erase memories so you’re just stuck with all the great times you had together and suddenly there’s a break in the chain but somehow they’re indifferent to it all 🤔🤔
besides that LoL I’m pretty good I guess just a lot of summer studying to do that I’ve been procrastinating on😬😬🤭
& thanks 💫✨someone you loved by lewis capaldi is so good 👏👌😭
aotd: through Abby / Pinterest
aotd:um idk I just found out by you bc someone gave you a shoutout