Entry to @-goldenhours contest! This ones a bit different.. what do you think?



Tap Entry to @-goldenhours contest! This ones a bit different.. what do you think? 8/5/20

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how are you?
i’m doing good, thanks!
OoOo, amaazing!
This is beautiful! I love this style!
wow this is incredible 🤩
absolutely stunning! you’re so gonna win 😔 but that’s okay 😊
so stunning! i love the theme!
also what have i been doing to keep me busy? swimming at the lake near our house!
can you enter my games please? also I love this collage💕
happy birthday
let me know on Pinterest if the is something like a background pack or something that you want
good and tired because I woke up like an hour ago but I’m alright and not gonna win how are you?
that’s good and ok I’ll look...👀
i love this😍🥰
new collage!! i would love if you could check it out☺️
i’ve been ok! have been doing barely anything all day tho skbdnsj
Round two is out due date August 8th! It’s a font contest! You won third place in round 1!
I’m good! Just a bit tired. We went on a long hike this morning! How have you been?
It was fun! It was about 3 miles long! But, there was this amazing waterfall you could walk behind! I’d show you a picture, but only my mom took them with her camera!
He was really mad when we couldn’t bring him on the hike! Now he’s running around being crazy, like normal! 😂 What is your dogs name again?
Okay! How is Fitz?
i’ve been making collages 😏 you?
Oh my gosh THANKYOU so much I really appreciate it and have really missed you! How are you? (Sorry for the late reply):)💕
i love this 🌿🤩
that’s so close to mine! mine was the 5th
oh that’s alright 😂
i’ve met so many people with august 4 and 6 birthday but no one with mine
I love your icon!! could you maybe make me one?
ok!😂I was trying to think of something that u didn’t have lol
lol! same
ntmy btw im colin 😊🤝
omggg hi ellieee
im doing really well todayyy hbu??
i have 3 fish, what about you
nothing at all tbh 🥴 my life has been so boring but school has been HECTICCC 😫
wbu???? ☺️
Thank you sm♡
✨RESULTS ARE POSTED✨ go take a look if you are still in! make sure to submit your fall / autumn theme collage (🍁🍂🌳) if you are still in! 4 people are going to be removed from the competition this round, so good luck! *ONLY SUBMIT IF YOU ARE STILL IN THE COMPETITION!* ~kaia :)
Results are out did you pass? Round 3 is out!
I love this 💖
thank goodnessss🥵
thank your
I love this too!
I’m great! How have you been?
I have been playing a lot of sports and I have been reading long a lot.
*reading a lot*
What have you been doing?
For some reason he’s staring out my bedroom window! He does this almost everyday! How is Fitz doing?
Have you ever read the book Legend? It’s by Marie Lu! I love the series. I’m reading the fourth book in it.
hmmm.... I don’t know, there are so many good books I like! Bit of I had to choose I would say either the Hunger Games Trilogy, The Traitors Game Trilogy, or the Divergent Trilogy. I just now realized they are all trilogies! 😂 What about you? What books do you like to read?
I love that book! I have a copy! I saw that and I got super excited!
Oh yeah! I remember that! that was when you were disneyquotes24!
I think
Sorry Ellie, I have to go! Today me and my sister are getting our eyes checked. (I’m going to need new glasses! 😂) Bye!
Your welcome!
It was fine! I love the eye place we go to! But my eyes have gotten worse in the last year. :(
hi, how are u? :)
Thanks! I’m pretty good, you?
I’ve been drawing a lot and listening to music
Viggo is fine! I was just playing with him a minute ago! Is Fitz’s stomach still upset?
good how are you!?!?
not a lot! you?
thank you!
i’m good, how’s summer going?
same here, i’ve been having lots of soccer practices and stuff like that
what have you been doing
hey! you’re getting closer to the deadline of the round that determines who goes to the semifinals! make sure to submit a collage, matching the fall theme, by the 13th! (early reminder)
aww thank you!
thank you!!
Round 4 is out! Could you win? If you are the first and second person to enter you will automatically be green or even gold! Love the new icon!
good! how is yours
When will the results for your collage contest be out?
I'm doing fantastic! How about u??
And ➕I loovvee ur icon! It's so cute!
I’m great! But for cross-country I ran 3.5 miles and now my quads are killing me! I just haven’t ran in a awhile so they should be good in about a day until I have to run again 😂
How are you?
love this! colors are on point👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Thanks! I have ready too many books in the last couple of months to count! 😂 Do you play any sports?
That’s cool! I play basketball, softball, cross-country and I will do track for the first time in the fall!
thanks!☺️ I’m doing great, how’s life for u?
mostly trying to improve my terrible drawing style🥴 hbu?
I do indeed, one dog and two fish :)) my dog just turned two. do you have any pets?
awww cute! I’ve always wanted a cat but my bro is allergic 😂 what breed is the dog?
mines a golden doodle hehe
I love golden retrievers!
thank you so very much! ☺️💕
RESULTS ARE POSTED! go take a look to see if you made it to the semifinals! if you did, make sure to submit your collage by the deadline! thanks! ✨💛
I have immersed myself in sports since I have nothing else to do 😂 besides read
followed you back 😉
i’m good and you? i’ve just been very bored
of course! all of your enteries were amazing!
i’m natalie and that’s good
thank you! mine is may 21 hbu?
of course! 💛
I would like a quote please! And about the collab, we can do yours since I don’t have a style right now
im gooodddd how are youuu?
nope do you?
Thank you 💕
Thank you!
This is rlly cool!
ty 🌸
Thank you so much!!! ❤️
Thankyou 💜☺️
ohhh thank u
tired 😂 u?
yea one little bro, he’s obsessed with dogs lol
do u?
ooo a twin sister that’s cool, I’ve always wanted a twin for some reason haha. yea absolutely do u like Harry Potter?
definitely it’s my all time fav series 😍
what’s ur favorite animal?
probably either a dog or an axolotl
Your review has been posted! Come check it out!!
i’m good! hbu?
omg wow this is so so so beautiful😍🥺😱💕
and hiyyaaaa hru??
im superrr gooddd but school is super hectic atm😅
Aw thanks, girl! I like ur acc (on pa) too! 💗✨☁️
Thank you!
I’m okay, I really need to get more sleep though because I’m half asleep right now 😂 How are you?
Um how do u change ur username on pa??
Round 5 is out! Did u make it to the next round?
Come join my Summer Collage Contest for awesome prizes!!! love from meee🤍🤍🤍
thank you!
Fantastic! U?
i’m good! how r u?
Playing Roblox, going on pa and pc once in awhile. How about u??
I don't have any! 😂 Altho I rlly want a dog and a guinea pig!
recently i’ve been making a bullet journal for school and playing games with my friends, but really nm :( hbu?
yes actually i have a cat!do you have any pets?
what are you reading? do you have any book suggestions?
Round six is out and due tomorrow! Enter fast first one to enter wins a follow!
I’m already following u right now lol I will give u a shoutout!
Thank you so much Ellie! 😊
thank u so much!☺️💞