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That’s my story! I thought we were friends with him and me, but no. I was wrong ... again. I didn’t realize his wickedness and laughed as if nothing had happened. The words are said then we move on ... I had to have my eyes veiled! in short! he got my number ... and I thought I was angry then insulted me and I didn’t react he did it again and I don’t know but I finally reacted without going into details it became a joke and it turned into depression ... for me ... I am got depressed and he didn’t notice me he thought I was in love with him but no ! Threw sad because I cared about our friendship! My depression passed and I went from: I hate him to I love him but no I hate him! He apologized thanks to the initiative of a friend of mine but I felt no better. A real depression! Anyway, I was so depressed and nothing made me happy. We talked and we ignored each other and he didn’t care... You want to know the end? Well, today we’re talking and laughing like we used to, except I consider him like a simple mailbox that’s just looking for popularity because I have to be happy.
you can change details because my English is not very good 😂 Hope my story inspire you and others people !
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