[16.5.19] tap
“Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast” 
Inspired by the oNe aNd OnLy @meandmeonly🌸🌸
I suck at pc hahaha


[16.5.19] tap “Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast” Inspired by the oNe aNd OnLy @meandmeonly🌸🌸 I suck at pc hahaha

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ooh woah so stunning!!
BEAUTIFUL!! @caption no you don’t ur amazing at making collages!
omg this is STUNNING amberleigh!! actually so proud of u for making this masterpiece 🌟⚡️
aw thanks 💗
this is amazing and your so talented omg
aww thx
I just can’t ur edits are gorgeous!!
no problemm lOVE THIS
howwww do u do this? so gorgeous💞💞
ty 😘❤️
so beautiful 💗
WOW this is gorgeous!!
thank you, that honestly really helped :)
aw no problem!
how’s the collab coming no rush or anything just curious
this is so beautiful 😍😍
whats up?
hm just means ppl who entered but didn’t win
this is sooo beautiful
That’s not what I’m doing.
I’m not loving them for hating, I’m loving them to help them stop hating.
Okay. Maybe I’ll try to word it better
tysm for backing me up on the credit& stealing collages issue
💕her fanpage was literally scolding me on my extras so I blocked her
Wdym?? I created that collage
np♥️ i love your acc sm
ah haha thank you!! 💕
it’s the games that she copied from me btw
that she deleted
HIYA PLZ enter my quiz in my bioooo
OMG ur acc is AMAZING!!!!! u need way more followers than u do!!! 😘😘😘😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️
wanna do a collab??
omg I love your collages! why don’t you get featured?
Oh well 😔 it’s ok I’m used to people being rude to me.. And this collage was a collab!!
And I’m not denying it it’s true and it’s alright if you don’t believe me once again I’m used to it...😖
thank you!!
maybe one were you have to use a specific background or specific pngs?
this is freaking gorgeous btw! 💖😱
hiya!! I have an apple iPhone 7 yee
oh ya we are doing the collab ahah I’ve got so much going on arm
thanks loveeee!
if you would like a review, please remix 3 collages for me (separately if possible, that would be a great help)
this is gorgeous!!!!!!
gorgeous! i’ll make an icon asap ❤️🌿
make sure to join the color games so u won’t be disqualified
all your collages are beautiful
all of your collages are amazing and beautiful!!!
this is amazing