Collage by CC_Rey


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which collage u want me to judge it doesn’t have to be your recent one it can be any
by the way this collage is awesome 👏 even though u don’t want me to judge it
you know I think I loveeee your collages I wish I could give a million hearts ♥️ to each of them
Hello there talented collager! It would mean so much to us if you entered in our contest! Id you enter, you will get a chance to WIN! The contest will end next week! Good Luck!
hi! u have to have an agent to be an actress ! a I also have a manager so ya! stay healthy ❤️
hey is it ok if u win that we post ur collage on our account?
it’s ok you can fill out the form🌈💓
okay make a chat page and we can start
thank you!! and to be completely honest, i’m not sure. i’ve been here for over a year and i had never gotten one until now. a lot of people say it’s a computer algorithm that chooses randomly but others say it’s hand picked. sorry if i’m not much help!🤍
but my experience of being here is just to have fun! other uses on the app will/have recognized your work. you’re great! you don’t need a feature to tell you that😉
well the thing with features is that they used to hand pick them which was awesome, but i’m pretty sure now it’s just a computer thing, but idrk. my advice would just keep on collaging, grow in ur art, and maybe gain some recognition and get a feature🤷🏽‍♀️
but features aren’t really all that, i for one don’t strive for a feature at all on this app, i just love making collages and all the amazing friends i have on this app😄 so just have fun!❤️❤️
aw no problem, anytime💛
what do u mean
I’ve never done that before
k what do I do
okay cool😁
omgg so pretty 💕
This is so pretty