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Heart 12 Response 2
re//: Nien
:3 thanks
uWu ya ya best daddy
uWU Make Jeremiah do Sebastian today😂
uwu Oh okay then no Yaoi
absolute babe ;;;))))))
daddy stopped remixing me ;c
and Sebastian now lonely ;(
ouo nah I can always kill him ya the one who “Absolute Babe”
ahh okay good I don’t allow daddy too date x3
*Shakimg Sebastian to death*
what ono?
but Jeremiah left him :-:
oh ;w; Sebastian in hospital for treatment
awww Rewy ;w;
uWU sure we can’t kill him
unu But they won’t give Sebastian treatment Sebastian: *Looks pale*
Sebastian: I’ll be fine *Smiling*
Sebastian: I’m not gonna for just really sick for like something years then my body will fail on me babe.....besides there is nothing I can do my parents took me off
Sebastian: *Chuckles* Babe I like the way I am and I like the way you are and I wouldn’t wanna change myself it’s fine I swear it’s just a punishment for disobeying *Stands up and Hugs Jeremiah* I really do love you and I’m happy with you
Sebastian: *Sits back down in his wheelchair* Ig but I don’t really mind it’s the only way I am allowed to hang up with you I rather die in something years than not be able to hang out with you at all
Sebastian: And when you do I’ll be here still because no matter what happens I’ll always love you *Smiles*
Sebastian: I highly doubt it and if you did I wouldn’t care all that would matter is that I have you *Smiles*
Sebastian: *Still smiling at Jeremiah*
Sebastian: Babe don’t think about it please...
Sebastian: ....I want a kiss
Sebastian: Yes *Smiles*
Sebastian: *Stands up trying to keep his balance before falling into a hug and Kissing Jeremiah Deeply*
Sebastian: *Smiles* I’m not too heavy am I?
Sebastian: Okay just wanna make sure your comfortable with this too *Worried*
Sebastian: I-I just wanted to make sure babe...Am I allowed to have more kisses
Sebastian: *Kisses back Smiling*
Sebastian: *Blushes and keeps kissing too*
Sebastian: I love you so much Jeremiah *Smiles*
Sebastian: What’s wrong Jeremiah....?
Sebastian: *Trying to help* Why does the brain get the best of you I want the best of you too *Cuddles while smiling*
Sebastian: I’m not a sharer *Giggling*
Sebastian: *Kisses Jeremiah*
Sebastian: *Breathing heavy holding onto Jeremiah tightly* I always wanna be with you
Sebastian: Yes no matter what *His grip is kinda getting weak from my being able to get treatment*
Sebastian: *Breathing heavy* I love you and I’ll do anything for you too
Sebastian: Babe I’m not dying...*Smiles and Giggles* I just don’t have much stamina rn I just need rest *Closes his eyes*
Sebastian: *fell asleep* Sebastians Parents: *Walking by for a night time stroll*
Sebastian: *Cuddling close to Jeremiah*
Sebastians Parents: *talking* Dad: He will beg to be on treatment in time now he can’t live without it Sebastian: *still asleep*
Sebastians Parents: *Walking away Smiling* or he will die and that’s end of him Sebastian: *Awake holding onto Jeremiah*
Sebastian: *Looks at Ash* How did you know I take treatment? and why does it matter if I do get it yes I can die but like it’s life *Feeling guilty and stroking Jeremiah’s hair*
Sebastian: *Tears up* Ik he would and I love him so much...but I can’t force people to give me treatment! I’m not that threatening
Sebastian: I don’t wanna use him!
Sebastian: Okay
uwu Yay Daddy back
ono sad
unu *Cries* I’m ugly,Hopeless,Stupid,and Deseret Nothing
*Crying* Dad....unu
take my love *Takes my heart out and dies*
qnq his parents won’t let me hold him WHY I MADE HIM =n=
Sebastian: I’m trying I swear *Crying holding himself*. Don’t yell at my child ;0;
I agree *takes Sebastian to hospital but get rejected cause I poor qwq* Whyyyyy. Sebastian: ....I don’t wanna die
*Calls ash Jeremiah’s brother to get him to be scary monster for Sebastian to live* =w=
*People agree too help Sebastian* Sebastian: Thank you Ash....
UwU I missed you
I will
o-o if you don’t let me miss you I will kill Sebastian
qnq *Takes Sebastian away with me*
are you actually gonna block me ono
qnq you worried me for sec Dad
UwU I made Sebastian in heat even though he a human
unu Fine then *Throw Sebastian away* no more we
WAIT I CANT BECAUSE I LIKE THIS SHIP ;-; *Takes him out and gives him to his abusive dad* there now I don’t feel bad UwU. Sebastian: QnQ I rather be in the trash
Sebastian: *Hugs Jeremiah* Nothing is going on my love
why is being in heat illegally!?
Sebastian: Mhm *Smiles*
Sebastian: Mhm because you are here :)
ßex is healthy zzz
that’s mean but okay ;-;
Sebastian: *Smiling And Kisses Jeremiah*
Sebastian: *Smiles*
Sebastian: Lets go to the movies
Sebastian: Okay lets watch a romantic one then
Sebastian: YA
Sebastian: *Takes Jeremiah to his house*
Sebastian: Yes but my parents are gone for a whole week for business *Smiles*
Sebastian: *Goes into the movie room and sits down on the bed Breathing heavy*
Sebastian: Mhm I just been walking around to long =~= Sorry
Sebastian: Okay *Smiles and turns on the phone Cuddling against Jeremiah*
Sebastian: *Crying at some parts in the movie*
Sebastian: It’s romantic *Pouts*
Sebastian: *smiling while crying*
Sebastian: *Kisses Jeremiah*
Sebastian: I am very lucky to have you as my own Jeremiah *Cuddles*
Sebastian: *Kisses him again*
Sebastian: *Crying And Smiling* I love you too
Sebastian: No I’m just super happy because I never seen you smile this much and it’s so cute and and I’m just so happy to spend time with you *Gasping for air because he talking to much* and it’s so amazing because I feel like I been treating badly lately and I really hope I haven’t because you mean so much to me
Sebastian: You said as that means I still am treating you bad...and I don’t wanna treat you bad and I don’t wanna treat you bad babe I wanna treat you kindly *Forgetting to take a breather* and your ex’s mean nothing to me because they are nothing because they just couldn’t see pass your demon creature I think it’s cool I don’t mind it because I still have you in the end *Snuggles close to him Breathing heavy*
Sebastian: Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to offend you or anything babe.....
Sebastian: Okay Jeremiah I call you a handsome creature *Smiles*
Sebastian: And so true *chuckles and kisses Jeremiah* I love you
hru dad
okay UwU
true Sebastian got medal things strapped onto his legs to make him walk :)
ya be still ugly uwu
UnU sowey daddy Sebastian: *little kid*
BECAUSE I WANTED HIM TO BE CHILD AGAIN :D ISN’T HE CUTE Sebastian: *Smiles and laughs and hugs Jeremiah*
Sebastian: *Kisses Jeremiahs nose* He is adorable!
Sebastian: *Laughs*
Sebastian: parc
Sebastian: *Crawling to the swing set Trying to get on before being knocked off by a other kid* ???: Catch it cripple
???: *Looks at Jeremiah and runs away* Sebastian: Swing
Sebastian: *Smiling And giggling*
Sebastian: Jeremiah when we get older can we marry *Smiling Looking back at him* *Hugs meh dad* ISN’T THIS ADORABLE
Sebastian: Pinky promise *Yawns* *^* ITS BEAUTIFUL
Sebastian: *Fell asleep Hugging Jeremiah*
Sebastian: *Turns back to normal still asleep though and same weight*
Sebastian: *wakes up half asleep* Lay with me please....
Sebastian: *Cuddles with him slowly falling back asleep*
Sebastian: *Wakes up quickly*
Sebastian: *Doesn’t answer*
Sebastian: I-uh has a bad dream but it’s a dream so it doesn’t mean anything *Cuddles him* Sowey if force you to do things
Sebastian: let’s not talk about it and say we did
Sebastian: Because ik that you aren’t gonna leave me~
Sebastian: ....what if you were taken away by scientists who only wanted to do experiments on you and then you come back not the same and start hurting everyone you love.....with no care or anything I’m worried something that will happen I will lose you.....but I’m being over dramatic
Sebastian: I-I’m Sorry I-I didn’t m-mean to....*Tears up*
Sebastian: *Cuddles*
Sebastian: *Hugs*
Sebastian: What shall we do today
Sebastian: Food