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what are you thinking
Hey! I thought that it would be cool to do a lifestyle/Pic Collage school... I know that it sounds weird but when I first joined those types of accounts were rlly helpful for me, and I just want to help other ppl
I completely understand if you don’t like that idea and want to do something else
hiya- so basically I have a Christmas icon at the moment and I would love to get a new one I would like as many people possible to enter this icon contest so please could you help me and join this thank you so much for reading this comment I hope I’ll be able to see you at my account due 1st January thanks merry Christmas xx🥳❣️🤪 -Unique_vibes
I was thinking maybe a retro aesthetic or winter maybe?
or Ariana grande
um...r u there?
omg I am sooo sry!!!! I’ve been gone for a while so I just came back and forgot!!! once again I’m rlly sry. all of those ideas are amazing!😊💖