We are not ‘casually like bye’


See We are not ‘casually like bye’

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aww I totally understand!! I’m so so sorry you have to leave, good luck in everything you do I hope you achieve in everything you guys do!! good luck 🙃😫
I totally understand why you are leaving! We all gonna miss you!! ❤️
good luck in all your future endeavours!! May your lives from here on out be brighter and I hope that your studies go smoothly ✒️ May the force be with you, always uwu
thanks for being my Friend, I’ll miss you 💗
I’ll miss you so so much! I know you will do great in life and I hope you have fun and do well I’m school!
awww your leaving!!!! 😭 I’ll miss you so much!!! but just know that I love you and you are a great encouraging friend and you are hilarious convos are never boring with you!!!❤️🥰❤️😘
have a nice life love!💕
awww I’ll miss you so so so much!!! thank you for being an amazing friend💗💗 I wish you luck for your studies❤️❤️
i’m gonna miss you. ik you’ll do great things in life♥️ thank you for being so kind when i was new here♥️♥️
awwww we’ll mis you so muc!!!!! i completely understand tho! wishing you the best💗💗💗xoxo
awww no! i'll miss you sm 💗 good luck with your studies ⚡️
awwwwwww bye💕😭
aww no we will all miss u and ur collages sm😭💕 Good luck for the future and your studies xx
omg no!!! I hope u get back on track with how and just life in general! I’ll miss u sm ❤️❤️❤️
good riddance 🙏🙏🙏
alsksks coming back to ur account is making me saddd imy🥺🤍