hi boiz follow my pinterest @olivia_ld and my vsco @picturesbyolivia
also i used those emojis in honor of jadey piggg🐷🐽
i have a math test next week that’s gonna last for 2 days😌
qotd-podcast recs?

602x604 golden_flowers

{🦋tap🍪} hi boiz follow my pinterest @olivia_ld and my vsco @picturesbyolivia also i used those emojis in honor of jadey piggg🐷🐽 i have a math test next week that’s gonna last for 2 days😌 qotd-podcast recs?

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ngl i really love how this one turned out
also lmàooo yall i’m dumb àsf i just took a screenshot because i dropped my phone and i was gonna post a pic in remixes but it doesn’t work like that🤦‍♀️
this is awesome !!
awh ty luv
-jadey pig
ps the ‘O’ in OrangeJuice will be a zero, k?
^^ lmaoo ive thought that too may times liv u ain’t the only one 🤦‍♀️
aotd: yEs
also i forgot to put my aotd: tmg(probably my fave), david dobrik’s(i forget what it’s called sorry), and my favorite murder
omg stunning!
aw thank you🥰
wow this is so original!
Beautiful 👍😊🌺
wow this is so stunning :)
this is one of my fav edits from u by far
aotd: stupid genius by emma chamberlain it’s funnyyyy
thank youuuu♥️ and np :)
she’s hilarious and it went goodddd we went shopping and when we got home she fell asleep on my shoulder and she never cried so i think she’s gone be okay :)
Hello 👋🏻 it’s fauna- just letting you know that the results from round 3 are up and the assignment from round 4...🍁🌸❄️☀️
thank youuu and oh noooo :(
awh thank you so much! and literally i’m so down to collab! what part do you wanna do? 💕
ahahaha do u like it?
thank you! what's your vsco username??
ooo cool
eee your pics are real cute
we’re u talking ab tua from alabama cuz roll tide🤙🏼
ikkkk he’s amazinggg i hope he’s only out for this season
rip😔i’m addicted though 💅🙈
love love love 😍🤩
hey gurl! as part of fauna-‘s season Games, we need to do a collab! do you want to do the text or the bg?
❗️copy and paste message ,sorry ,delete if u want but please read before thanks ❗️ I AM HOLDING AN ICON CONTEST ON MY PAGE PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND ENTER U CAN WIN MANY PRIZES GOODLUCK ❤️❤️😋
yeahhh rip😪
also 40 COMMENTS🥳
omg thank you 🥺 OH I watch Emma too!
heheh that's real gross mah bro
OMG aGh i haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ll get on that soon
yayayaya we vScO gOrLs gotta stick togetherrr
my day was great tyvm
I don’t really mind
This is absolutely Gorgeous
ahhh thank you so much!!
ok wait do y’all actually not get to play dodge ball?? and same🙄 thank you♥️
damnnn y’all are mean😂
wow so pretty 💞
thankyouuu man 💗
Hey I'm having a secret Santa on my page for Christmas would love if you could join~Thank you
thank youuu♥️♥️
i took it first period and i didn’t finish so i finished during lunch and had 2 minutes to eat lunch🤠 it didn’t go terrible but not great either
Just to let you know round 4 of the season games has been extended to November 25 🍁🌸❄️☀️
aaa sorry for taking so long to start the collab i’ve been so so busy 🥺🥺🥺 i’m gonna try to get it done today or tomorrow
I totally switched up display name and username😂 sorry. My username is delartistaa (an extra a because it’s taken already) and I followed you!
ahaha and oml your bio 🤣🤣
💞😌thank yah muchly
ty 🥰 this is so pretty I love the aesthetic 🤩
ur new icon is😍💞🥰🥺
oh and also
Hey Tysm for signing up for my secret Santa. The signups have ended today so i am starting to send out who you have. If you have pinterest it will be easier and @Live_original is going to help me out and shell text you who you have. If you don't have Pinterest I'll remix it to you some how!! Let me know please and thanks again
omg your pfp i love it
thank youuu❤️❤️
thank youu❤️
yeah he's acting like such an a***ole 😔
hello awesome collager! just wondering if you could please enter my celebrity games! but be quick because spots are running out! tysm
Hello there it’s fauna- I wanted to let you know that the results from round 4 are up along with the assignment for the final round 🌸☀️❄️🍁
aaaa thank you 🥺❤️
literally take your time hon
dang, why can’t I be creative like you?!
also, merry crisis
I want to say that to everyone I see on Christmas
omggg i love this