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I could use some tips too… I’m in the same position you are <3
Except I haven’t toured my school because of Covid…
Hi I love all your collages so much you inspire me do you maybe want to be friends?Lucy💖
first of all I’m Leavin going into seventh grade 2nd of all are you really have to do in sixth grade is just try to make friends and don’t pay attention to bullies because there’s going to be a lot a lot of people get very insecure in six grade and take it out on other people by bullying them so don’t let them get to you always try to do good in your work and even if some of your teachers are mean you can do it just do it in your work and your teacher will love you but still be careful
sorry I meant to say first of all I’m 11 i’m going into seventh grade not I’m leaving
try ur best, its fine if you mess up because i did too, so yk just keep trying and be you :))
hey so I’m going into 8th grade and what I’ve learned is that there is no need to worry at all. all the teachers are really understanding and it’s not that much different from middle school. you will get the opportunity to make so many new friends- just make sure you surround yourself with supportive and kind people, delete the negative people out of your life because they clearly don’t deserve you. just try hard with your work, it really does pay off. don’t listen to bullies as they don’t speak anything that’s true. just have fun, work hard, make new friends and try not to worry!! PS don’t change for anyone so keep being the wonderful you 💕 - SeaOfHearts :)
i am going into 6th to but i am home schooled
I would say to just be yourself. Trust me, it's not that scary! Grade 6 (for me at least) wasn't much different than Grade 5. Stay away from drama!! This is probably the most important one. Try not making friends with people who only care about popularity. It will just cause chaos.
Don't feel pressured to join groups like the popular kids. Just be yourself and you will make many friends. Trust me, you'll get through it!
oh I’m 11 too and I’m going into middle school! :) yea I’m nervousssss
try to always get your work done as soon as possible bc if you keep putting it off( i did) you will then have a bunch of homework and barely any time.