again made for the wanderlust contest (@heartbroken? idk)
okay but- I actually rlly love this collage😱
inspired by the ever-lovely @ocean-aesthetics who also happens to be one of the nicest people in the world 😌
look at me branching out and no


🐚-3/26/21-🐚 again made for the wanderlust contest (@heartbroken? idk) okay but- I actually rlly love this collage😱 inspired by the ever-lovely @ocean-aesthetics who also happens to be one of the nicest people in the world 😌 look at me branching out and no

66 35
caption continued: look at me branching out and not doing grunge... anyways ye have a nice day🕊
Beautiful! 💖
anytime 💕
aw nice it’s dark here now😂
Aahhh this is gorgeous 😍
ahh thank you 🤍 you a big syrup fan then 😂😂
omg this is AB👏SOL👏UT👏LY AMAZING!!! you have improved SO much! i love the theme! 💕💕
WOW i’ve seen a lot of collages today but this one rlly deserves a feature it’s AWESOME like wow 🤩 every last detail is perfect 💞💞💞 and it is extremely BEAUTIFUL 🤩 PC plzzzzz feature my sweet friend livy it’d be much appreciated
kandkes thank youu, i actually used procreate, i could never with the doodle tool😂
that was a weird keysmash
thank you😁(again lol)
ah yes there’s nothing like reading a good book late into the night😌what are you reading?
ooh I’ve never heard of that but didn’t he write Percy Jackson?
and good morning!!<3
this looks good!!
A: that I lie when I say I like sushi 😂
or that I think pretzels are better than crackers for snacks
they just hit differently
hey livvy, you online...?
liv you okay 👀
livvy are you okay...?
I’m just happy your okay, oh and I have a stomach bug
awww thank you so so much! 😌😌😌
ahaha idek! there’s literally a quote from 1989 on it so... 🤷‍♀️ i guess it’s just a taylor swift inspired collage... yeah... i’ll go with that 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
oh it’s from room 93 and the song is called is there somewhere
aww tysm!
😌😌 thank you very much for the spam!
(wait was that even proper english... 👀)
yeah i think so...
oh my gosh 🤣🤣🤣
i can’t omg that was so funny
omg thank youuu 😭😭
you’re literally too kind but dude you’re such an inspiration to everyone
aww 💜
okay I’ll talk to you later
oh and rmbr the contest is due tmrr! ✨
yesdbdbdjdj goblincore is the superior aesthetic
hey you there? 🙂
okay I’ll be here
okay gn 🙃
fine, I can draw, just I’m not good at it 😃
so ummm I kinda did the werewolf spell a few minutes ago... I think it’s fxxking real- I have half of the side affects already
if you need you can have an extension? wld that help? 😖
re:// main
and I tried to bite my father/
aw thanks for understanding ❤️😭💕
hey liv I think the spell worked-
it’s real livvy I swear
my friends messed up on the wording but I didn’t and Connor and my fry Sharee did the spell the last full moon and it worked for them
I’m back
I’m kinda back
I’m freaking out bc the spell fxxking worked but I haven’t figured out how to turn yet 🤔
so how’s your life
it’s fine, I had my weekly phone check by my mother 🙄
no she didn’t find anything thank goodness
that’s good to hear
she was surprised at the amount of “bgs” I’ve made ( she thinks pc is for making bgs)
I get really nervous every single Monday because of the phone check ( once my friend found a pxrn website and put it on my old phone and I get into ALOT of trouble)
a lot of my friends are bxxxhs and fake asf
I now change my phone password every time I see my friends and turn off my Face ID
wanna continue the rp the best we can? ( I’m doing math but I only have 5 questions left and there rly easy)
nope 😔 Evelyn will be heading there by Wednesday
it’s fine
Evelyns been acting weird every time I talk to her though-
like she knows something and she’s hiding it weird
okay why’s about it..?
I did the spell last night, I went to bed, I had the dream about the wolf and yea
and Sharee and I kinda have a secret that involves getting bit by a werewolf-
so once Sharee and I we’re running around outside playing hide and go seek with her brothers on the full moon. we hid in this small “cave “ thing and something that looked like a dog of some sort kinda attacked us, I got bit Sharee didn’t, but then I went all crazy and bit her arm ( she’s missing a small part of her arm ) ( barely an inch long and deep)
and sometimes we share a dreams or we just randomly faint
and then a local witch told us two years ago that we have to find a spell and that’s how we got to this point
that’s how I felt bad still do feel
it’s creepy
let’s just change the subject
oh my mother switched my homeschool program again and she’s making me restart 7th grade
livvy I kinda crashed a dirt bike a few minutes ago-
wait nvm I removed now I turned off the social network on PC overnight in case I got a phone-frisk:)))))
*remembered not removed
that’s not the reaction I thought you would have- but I just just seeing how you would react
bc I’m bored
it’s fine, have fun with gardening
ew that’s a weird face😑
aww thank you✨ luv this it’s so good💕
😂😂 ummmmmm would you be mad if I said yessss O-0
___———____ I feel dope
hehe sorry
hey you online???
I hope you feel better soon liv 🥺 if you need someone to talk to I’ll be here
hey liv, how are you feeling??? 🥺❤️
ah no problem I haven’t been on for like 3 days😂
if I remember right you commented on my 32nd march post- 🤦🏻‍♀️
that’s good 🥺
ok I’ll either be on my main of here
I know that
oh did you know that padfoot and moony once dated???
lol and my friend keeps stealing my phone and he’s a lot taller than me so it’s hard to get it back
how you feeling??? 🥺
okay that’s good to hear
oh and whenever your up to it, it’s your turn to respond on the rp
okay that’s fine lol
lol 😂 I feel for ya
hp fanfics are the best next to Percy Jackson fanfics
but that’s just my opinion
what’s your favorite hp movie
I completely agree with you
lol I read a lot of fanfics at midnight and i can’t stop most the time
This is so stunning I love the layout
hey liv, how are ya doing???
Zika dmkekskakMskwmmddkmskkakqqkkamskd
hey liv 🙃
that’s good to here! and I hope you hav fun!!!
ttyl ❤️😄
hey! how was the museum???
that’s good to hear! I’m bored and lonely (my parents are meeting with a lawyer and they’ve been gone all day)
it’s fine, I’ve collected a lot of hp memes though 😅🙃
some of them are really sad though 😔 would you like to see some of the many memes I’ve collected??? 🙃
you not the only one who read it in there voices 😅🤣
I almost cried when I says the Cedric meme 😔
okay now I’m done with the memes
my work here is done... for now 😈😈😈
Evelyn says hi and she’s heading to Wales tomorrow
oh and do you wanna continue the rp???
you ther
it’s fine and I will now being giving you daily hp memes 😈🙃
oh amd Evelyn says hi and she’ll be in Wales tomorrow
okay ttyl
hiya liv
hey liv 🙂 I slept in the huge fort I made and now I can feel my back
what kind of prank should I do on my parents???
same here 😑
okay ttyl and I’ve figured out my prank
new post!! ✨
my prank involves a fxxk ton of Googly eyes
I’ve covered most of the house in eyes now 😈😈😈😈
I did that last year
my dad just broke a door while helping me with a prank-
sadly no 😔
maybe 🤷‍♀️
thank youuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️
also I know haha that albums name is so funny his story behind it’s funny too lmaø
hiya! hav enough pulled any pranks yet????????
like my colage please to prove im not bad thanks
re:// ty! I’m getting more and more nervous about it and I’m not sure why 😃
re:// I’ve heard so many things about it like “omg I love therapy” or “omg therapy is the worst place”, but my dad is making me do it so I have no choice but to go 😃
hurry up! the days almost over!!!
good for you
what was it????
did you listen to it? 💗
good enough for me 🙃
new post 🩸🌸💗
it’s true though
whatcha up to 👀🙃
aww thank you! ah yes! you should definitely start collaging again i’ve been obsessed with irl collages! have you ever made an irl one? :)
lmk if you ever make one, i’d love to see it!!
hey liv 🙂
thank you 😄
your lucky I have Instagram
me too 🥲
ahaha it actually fit in the caption space for once!
ah that’s a great prank! and tysm!!
aww thank you! 💕💕
i got it from this letter sheet and cut it out! i’ll remix it to you!
Thank you so so sooo much 🥺❤
thank you 💗💗
aw thank you 🌸💗
🌸💗new post🌸💗
re: hehe ty
hiii Liv
goodbye liv 🥺😭💖
wow gorgeous
liv, this is so so pretty!!😭😍😍💞💞💞