Collage by WeirdTeens-


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ohhh daddyyyy
*giggles and kisses u*
I wanna have dirty time and only with u
*giggles and nods*
*smiles and climbs ontop of u* daddy u need to show me
dows tht feel good
*sucks the tip*
*sucks more and smiles*
did dat feel good
no daddy I wanna
I just im nervous
I know daddy tan u make me feel good a wiggle
I know daddy I love u too *smiles* I think I’m ready to go down on I hard
*nods and holds ur hand looking up at u and sucking a little harder*
*puts more in my mouth and moans softly sucking harder*
*squeezes ur hand as I deep thrxat*
no no stop!
are u leaving the app
oh my god I was so nervous