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I like that ❤❤
the baby stuff?❤️
baaaby should I let you eat?
you seem busy txt me when you get home okay ❤️
Yea lunch is here love u❤❤❤
mew txt me when you get home love you ❤️
So we got u a sandwich love u❤❤❤❤
See u tonight love u gorgeous ❤❤
oh? okay baby mew loves you too❤️
I managed to eat a little ❤️
baaaby you guys Alive?❤️
Yea im here baby❤❤
you home?❤️
Yea I'm home❤
finally ❤️ my mom was asking if you were coming over tonight ❤️
I’m alive I think 😩😩
U feeling ok???
terrible headache but I don’t feel like throwing up anymore
Zofran kicked in good
yea I think so
Good baby good❤
So when do u wanna go to bed??
yea 😩😂
idk yet baby
Well baby whenever ur tired tell me and we can go to bed❤
i might here soon I’m just talking to my mom rn and you😩❤️
Ok baby❤
So when u get tired tell me and yea we'll go to bed❤❤
god baby I just wanna cuddle 😞❤️
okay baby❤️
Ik u wanna cuddle maybe tomorrow babe❤
Fxck babe
you okay?
I'm tired I might go to bed baby if that's ok
that’s okay I’ll probs go to bed in a few mins anyways
Ok babe I'ma go to bed love u❤❤
I loves you too❤️
Txt u in the morning ❤❤
my head hurts again Ima finally sleep it’s 9 mew loves you baby😩❤️
Hey baby I'ma take a shower I love u❤❤
baaaaabyyy I just wanna cuddles ❤️
U ok?
so tired I about slept thru my alarm
but yea just taking a pill
ima bring water ❤️
hey do you wanna get lunch today if it’s anything good?
I might bringa
A water also ❤
I am for nugget ❤️
Lol ok baby ❤
hey lunch baby?❤️ if it’s good?❤️
Umm I haven't looked at the menu yet I'll bring a lunch if it doesn't sounds good ok❤
okay ❤️ you might have to look it up online unless you have the april calendar ❤️
Chicken parmesan??
sure if you want ❤️
craving chocolate milk again❤️
Lol ok baby ❤
hey baby I saw the bus go by ima walk out in a sec baby I loves you ❤️❤️
I love u to ❤
ima take a quick shower my dad started the dishwasher so fxck him idk how long I’ll be I’ll try and hurry 😒 txt you when I get out love you ❤️
Love u to baby❤❤
my legs are soft afffff
Lol ok baby
shhhh don’t judge ❤️
I'm not
So babe if ur tired tell me❤
you okay?
Just a lil tired but that's it❤
do you wanna go to bed?❤️
No unless ur tired❤
well ig my dad put food in so I got half an hour and my mom won’t make me tuna like she said she would 😔
there’s 26 mins left on the timer I don’t even wanna stay up for that but I’m hungry and theres nothing else so ig I have to
Umm I won't make it to 9:15😔❤
I figured it’s okay if you just wanna go to bed baby it’s okay I would at 9 but ima wait for food
just go to bed ❤️
ima tell you something on the bus in the morning... you’re tired so I won’t tell you now it’s okay I’ll wait
I'll text u till 9❤
Ok I'll remind u to tell me something ❤
okay ❤️ just kinda found something out and Idk I wanna tell you but ik you’re tired 😩
Wait I wanna know now❤
maybe you should get sleep before I tell you cuz I don’t wanna keep you up 😩
well if anything happens you know ima cry like die inside
No it's fine babe pls tell me
Ok just tell me❤
my mom thinks max has cancer 😔 we gonna get it checked out eventually once we get money but if it is cancer and it’s bad enough we might have to put him down 😔😔
like I wanna lowkey cry rn just I hope he’s okay 😔 my mom said that’s why everything is swelling rly bad is probably cuz he has prostate cancer which is in his male glands which makes sense I just idk upsets me cuz I loves him too much 😔
okay you’re tired if you wanna go to bed you can sorry I don’t wanna keep you up 😩
Dàmñ I'm sorry baby😔 umm I wish u would go to sleep so that u can get ur mind off that
Yea I'ma go to bed I'm starting to fall asleep I'm sorry babe😔❤❤ I love u❤❤
idk that’s one of those things I won’t rly stop thinking about for a bit I mean we’ve had him all his life and he’s my dog idk 😔 I’m hungry gotta wait for food anyways 😔
okay that’s fine I love you too❤️❤️
Ok baby love u😔❤❤❤
loves you 😔❤️❤️
baby I rly hope max is okay😔 I’m scared I love him to death we’ve had him since he was 9 months old and we adopted him cuz he was abandoned and in a shelter and he’s been my boy and we cuddles and he’s always been with me and I don’t wanna put him down I love him too much😞😞
baaaby I’m awake you can txt off that new post ❤️