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we’ll miss you aurora 😔💖💖
we'll miss u aurora
bye Aurora
We’ll miss you💕💕
nawwws we’re gonna miss you but you do what you want to do 😘
awww we will miss you! I'll keep in touch with your YouTube! Don't forget us Pic Collagers when your a big famous youtuber! ❤️
we’ll miss you!! 😘😘
awwww I’ll miss you sm!😭💘
oh noooo!! what will be Pc without you??? I’ll miss you so much!❤️❤️❤️
awwwww we’re going to miss you!! good luck in the future!! best wishes!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bye! Good luck on your YouTube channel!
awww I'll miss you!!! good luck with YouTube, I'll still see you on Instagram though 💛
awh we’ll miss you !! good luck on your YouTube channel ! love ya 🤗 -Audrey ♥️
you’re welcome 🙃
im going to miss you so much. i wish you the best and i really hope you come back one day because your edits are really inspiring and creative not just to me but the pic collage community. you are a very kind and supportive person and i really hope we stay in touch. thank you for everything 💓
i will miss pic collage without you and seeing your beautiful edits every so often and your sweet comments. :) thanks for making me smile the past year or so it means the world and i really hope you will return when you get the chance to continue editing and having a creative outlet for yourself