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you said that it was someone @ ur school so just think of people it might be
idk who it would be tbh
I still don’t believe u
i would love to help?
awww your so pretty I love tori
your so pretty pls follow me
omg wow so pretty
sry I haven’t been active!
I would love to help!
could it be someone at your school who is jealous?
Hey! Its Brooklynn Rae Here🥰 I was just wondering if you wanted to be part of The Angel Squad💯! I dont choose sertin people and everyone is welcome! Since Sadie Bell left there has been a Huge Gap in the Pic Collage Community... sooooooooo.. I wanted to take here Place till she gets back😊! No h8 please, im doing this for her and us🥺! Ilysm👉🏻👈🏻❤️🔥-Brooklyn Rae🔥🦋🔥
can you put your hair in a bun and put ur leg up?
Ik it’s weird lol😅🤣😂
<<<<<pending review
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