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Quiet, tall, single, girly girl, nerdy and couch potato
I'm so sorry, the last place just got taken, will let you know if I start another games
all the right side
You can join team diamond, please enter tho
quiet tall single tomboy nerdy couch potato (nothing is wrong with being nerdy of course because I am a complete nerd, and a potato) 🤓
thanks for following me
loud short single tomboy popular sporty
I was just going to tell u to stay out of our conversation u are signal imma say but stop following me and stop getting in people
loud short single girly girl popular couch potato. bye I love ur acc!!
tomboy,tall,girly girl,single,nerdy,sporty
how do you add pictures
can I repost dis
my updates won't work:(
quiet short girly girl, popular couch potato
can I have permission to use this sheet on my profile?
loud 😮short 😐single 🕺tomboy 😎Nerdy 🤓 sporty 🤘🤸‍♀️
I'm also a little popular
quite/ tall/ single/ girly/ nerdy/ sporty
I think you are quiet, tall, single, girly girl, popular and sporty! but I have no idea lol
I am quiet, short,single, girly girl, nerdy and couch potato! The hardest 1 to choose was tall or short, because I am average height. The easiest one to choose was popular or nerdy because I have a scholarship to my school and have the highest CAT score available. Soooo, yeah. I am definitely single, yet my crush likes me...