text inspired by michelle @Awesome_Bunny (2/4)
~ quote by me ~
made a little mistake in my caption of my last post, the date is one day ahead 🥲🥲
this is lowkey giving me love-hate vibes
[more background info in the comments]


🚪12/6/22🚪 text inspired by michelle @Awesome_Bunny (2/4) ~ quote by me ~ made a little mistake in my caption of my last post, the date is one day ahead 🥲🥲 this is lowkey giving me love-hate vibes [more background info in the comments]

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theme for this part is about coming out (of the closet). so after all of the confusing questions in the head, and understanding + finding out who they are, the next step some might take would be coming out to their loved ones eg family, friends etc. this may not apply to everyone immediately because everyone will ofc take different amount of time to gain the confidence and trust to those that they’re coming out to. some might not come out due to their environment (could be toxic, homophobic) so then coming out doesn’t really apply to them, but ofc it might/will be smtg that they wish to do. for this, the opening doors represent that one gained the courage to come out to others and in this process, they realise that they can be like those who are accepted as well, and they can be happy even if they maybe “different” from others.
so that’s how the theme for this part came out and since the overall theme for this month is called “pride month - their story”, weird but I realised I didn’t manage to explain in my last post so I’ll do it here :”) basically the theme for this month will be based on pride month, why “their story” then? I thought that it would be cool (?? - I have no clue how to express my thoughts on my own theme) to try my best and fit into the shoes of those who are part of the lgbtqia+ community and in some way to understand others better and show them the love and support they deserve. that’s all for this part, love y’all <33 do rmb that even if you don’t suppprt the lgbtqia community, pls do show some respect to those around you. we are all humans and that will never change. stay safe, stay healthy and love yourself no matter what others say/do 💗💗
I love this sm! I love the rainbow lines in the text part and how the flag looks like it’s popping out! so creative! 🌈
Don't think so negatively about yourself, you made it to the finals so that certainly says something about your skills and abilities. Also, of course you can have an extension. When is the earliest you think you would be able to enter?
I’m glad you think I have a style haha - I honestly just kind of wing it most of the time 😅 Like I said though, I’m sure your collage will turn out great!
thank you!
this is beautiful!
also I love the text on this sm!!! it’s so cool
@caption ahh you did a rlly good job at conveying the message of the theme! I love reading the background info you write about the collages, it’s cool to see how you built the collage around your ideas :D
Omg this is stunning!! Love all the rainbow lines :)
@caption it's wonderful to see how much thought you put into your collages and the theme is so important too!!
LOVEEE THE TEXT!! this is so good oh my gosh
awww the meaning behind this is so adorable stop this is so gorgeous
omg stop I just saw ur comment on my story and shut up I teared up THANK U SM literally means the world to me you don’t understand 🫶🫶
Don't worry about getting your collage in late! How about the 29th as a new due date for you?
This is gorgeous and such a smart idea with the opening closet! It’s super creative and I feel like can relate to a ton of people on that level, it’s an idea I never would’ve really though of tbh, but so smart! I also love the little rainbow lines and as always the thought that goes behind every single one of your collages ❤️
I love this!
this is a masterpiece. I love what you’ve been doing so far with these collages and sharing your meaning of the collages with us. ❤️
ur so creative 😮😮
n TY =-)))
ah oki oki 👍
thank you so much!! 🦕
thank you!
thank you!!
omg tysm🥺🥺
Aahh thank you lyly ❤
Haha I did plan to add the doodles, but I also did place them strategically so the skin was covered, so a little bit of both :)
Yeah the contact name is the title!! Glad you noticed. Also it's actually made on like a fake text creator haha, just googled fake text messages or something and used some site to do it 😊
TYSM 💛 + ty for all the ideas those r all amazing n ill get 2 working on them soon !! =-)