🌼 Winners are out! We’re so impressed with the submissions this time that we’ve decided to feature double the number of collages than we usually do. 

Thanks for all your hard work. These will be featured next week on our Instagram @piccollage. If you hav


🌼 Winners are out! We’re so impressed with the submissions this time that we’ve decided to feature double the number of collages than we usually do. Thanks for all your hard work. These will be featured next week on our Instagram @piccollage. If you hav

431 30
yay 😁 thanks 😊
thank you so much for two features!
um PicCollage, please feature @Milky_bears collab with me bc mine got featured, but hers did not
THANKYOU SO MUCH PicCollage!! I really appreciate it!! thankyou so much!☺️
Hey PicCollage, One of the collages is a collab that I did with -Sparklydiamonds- and her collab that we did got featured but mined didn’t I’ll really appreciate if you could feature it. Thanks allot
omg that’s me! thank you so much for featuring my collage! congrats to all the other winners! and to everyone who entered for having the courage to try something new!
congratss to all the winners!!! 🌸✨
omg yayyyy mine is on there!!! ahhh thanks so much this makes me super happy🤩💖
thank you so much for choosing my collage!! congrats to all of the winners!!!! 👏💜💜
congrats you guys💖❤️
mine was bad
congrats to everyone
😕congrats to everyone
ahahaha i cant spell
Thanks for the feature!! Yayyy! 😘😍💛
yay!! thank you so much for the feature!!!
congrats to the winners!
do the next one about pink colour! or every colour you want! I’ll be watching u...
congrats to the winners! and thanks PicCollage for posting the winners in one collage like this! ❤️
congratulations winners!!!! 🥳
I really love seeing all of these beautiful collages! every single person who submitted an entry deserved this. It made my day that you guys decided to feature twice the amount as usual. love the positivity 🥰
oooo congrats winners
congratulations to the winners!
congrats to everyone :)
wow the winners are really good!😍
im glad pc is featuring actually very beautiful collages !
Macy good job!
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really well deserved omg!
these are gorgeous!! 🤩
THANK YOU!!!!!! this is my very first feature!
when are you posting another contest
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stay healthy pic collage !
good job!
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good job peeps!
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congrats to the ppl who won!!
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hey pic collage, thx for the 2 features! but i was thinking that more collages should be featured, I’ll leave you in the remixes the collage and the name, thx!
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