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I'm home alone and it's dark and I'm lonely
I feel so unproductive, I did nothing today
I feel fat and ugly and lazy and unworthy of any love at all
I'm should have run today. I hate running, but I need to burn the calories. without beauty I am nothing
I am terrified at my reflection, terrified at my inability to convince myself to do anything of import
i wish I was back at camp
you seem like you're not doing well. are you alright? do you want to talk or anything?
there I would run, need to keep up with the other girls. I would make myself work. what changed?
I want to cry but the tears won't come
I'm glad that I can help. what's on your mind?
I want to tell my parents how I feel but I don't want to burden them
I'm sorry you feel that way. I understand how you feel and I've definitely been there before. please take care of yourself, remember to eat and drink water, and don't push yourself too far. body image isn't as important as it seems and the only thing that matters is your overall health. if you can, tell someone you're close to how you're feeling and consider telling your parents. I'm sure that they'll try to help you if you tell them. I'm awful at giving advice but I hope that this helps
you're beautiful the way you are,looking like the standards want you to look isn't beauty,,you're already beautiful.You don't have to be super skinny to be healthy/pretty.All bodies have different shapes and sizes and it's okay
aw fren nooo you're amazing the way you are, both inside and outside, and people will love you no matter what you look like. the people that are able to love you for all that you are, not just your inside and not just your outside, are the only people worth keeping in your life. the most important thing you need to do right now is to stay alive and to take care of yourself because there are people that love you and there's so many things you haven't seen or experienced. if your parents truly care about you and your well-being, your feelings aren't a burden to them at all. if you need help, tell them fren. I'm awful at advice and I hope I helped. I'm always here if you need someone to talk to fren💜
^^ remember to take care of yourself ❤️
I haven't seen what you look like but I'm sure you're very pretty even bedsides that looks fade away you're worth isn't determined on how you look even if it feels that why you are as you are and that's okay i believe your parents truly care about you and would want to know but if you're not comfortable talking just yet that's okay it takes time
want to talk about it ?
i promise you, you are absolutely beautiful and your weight does not define that. your worth is not based on how you look, it's based on what a wonderful and caring person you've always been to me and everyone else. loving yourself and how you look takes time, and there are always bad days but just hold on and i promise bad days will become fewer and fewer as time goes on.
if you want to go on a run, do it. but do it for the way it makes you feel inside and how it sets your soul free, not for how it makes your appearance change. you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are and i cannot emphasize it enough. you are loved. you are gorgeous. and you are worth more than whatever a scale or mirror tells you
you are a beautiful person. i haven't even seen your face and i can tell you that bc your personality is beautiful. you don't HAVE to go run. i HAVE to run bc my mom is making me bc of marching band coming up. ik it's hard, but you should feel comfortable with yourself inside and out ❤️ stay alive. it's worth it. i promise!
you are a beautiful person and your weight doesn't make you any less beautiful. it's who you are. you aren't nothing without beauty. you matter and you are valid. don't run and exercise just because you want to fit in. do it because you think you have more motivation to improve. and there is note wrong with having one lazy day. i didnt do anything productive this past week so not being productive for a day isn't bad. but anyways, i hope one day you will be happy with your body and you will wake up smiling and happy to be alive. i love you and i don't want to lose you. please stay safe and stay alive. ❤️
I'm sorry that they didn't listen to you, that really sucks. and no problem, I'm glad that I could help. I hope things get better soon 💕
yeah I understand that especially in our society looks seem to matter a lot personally I've never understood why someone would want looks over personality but I guess everyone is different
np :))
i totally understand, movies and magazines usually only show super thin girls but that doesn't mean that nobody can love you. the only people worth being with will see your inner and outer beauty regardless of your size
i want you to imagine someone you love. would you still love them if they had a little bit of a belly or if their thighs touch? of course you would. just trust me when i say that you are beautiful and the only people that matter will recognize that
i wish i could tell you how beautiful and loved you are. i constantly feel insecure too and i understand you completely. people love you for you. and try to remember that fat does not mean ugly. i know it's really hard, believe me. just because you don't "fit" into one person's standard of beauty, it definitely does not mean you aren't absolutely stunning in the eyes of countless others. your mind and body are 100% beautiful and i wish so much that you could love yourself
that's horrible:( I hate when people are like that
you are so beautiful!! i wish you could see it 😞 i know exactly how you feel, i can feel that way about myself a lot. stay alive❤️
ik🖤 you're so welcome🖤 are you doing alright?
ok, glad you're doing better✨
thank you!
hey sorry i just logged onto this account, thank you 💕
the last time we say goodbye by cynthia hand. it's honestly the saddest book I've ever read but it was so freaking good
oh wowie lol and hm is it good? I can put it on my reading list
yeah probably ugh
okay thanks fren👍
will do!
thank you so much 💕💕
yep all of those a super accurate lol
all the same to you. I love you too Em ❤️❤️❤️
yeah I'm okay now, it was just very hot (103°) and I got dehydrated but thanks for the concern (:
that's vv noice
thanks, that's super sweet ❤️
yeah im okay, it wasnt enough to do anything too serious and it was purposeful..
it's the L'Oréal magic skin beautifier in the shade fair
hmmm that's true I wasn't expecting it fnsknckdkf I'm so bad at understanding lyrics sometimes I was just dying bc I thought it was funny
im watching wonder woman for the second time bc my dad hasn't seen it yet
my dad was actually thinking of watching that movie instead of wonder woman so it's possible i can see it :)
aa thanks :)
pffftt I'm sure you're not ugly
I seriously doubt it that reminds me I don't think I've actually seen a selfie of you ? you should post one (obviously if you're comfortable with that haha) you're very far from disgusting
aww I'm sorry:/ I always feel weird when I post one haha I just post them so people know I'm not an old man😂
aww thank you so much❤️
hey, how are you doing? (btw this is panic-sharks-frens i changed my username and profile pic)
well that's good i guess. you are so beautiful. stay alive |-/
I hate running too but I need to get in shape for swimming and exercise is one of the leading cures of depression. if you don't want to run you could do something else, like swim, bike, even walk, or do strength training workouts like I do (crunches, push-ups, squats, etc.) and you should know you are enough. you are worthy of love even if you don't love yourself. one day, you'll realize this and you'll accept yourself for what you are instead of wishing you were something else. you are you and that is what's most important.
of course! I definitely understand feeling the way you do and no one deserves that
yAY *high five*
haha thanks
thank you so much fren💜
If you need to talk, im here. i know im a complete stranger but you shouldn't feel this way. you deserve to be happy. and yes, beauty can be a part of who you are, but did you know that, in the ancient mexican cultures you would be a goddess? being fat was like the ultimate beauty! but then society turnes it into a concept of ugliness. you ARE beautiful!!!!! but if you feel that way, and really want to change it, and really feel bad, then go ahead and run. im not going to stop you. but dont harm yourself. dont. you are pretty.
you read the book "Falling into place" Liz is just like you
don't commit susuide plz