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Hello!✨Welcome to this blog account, owned by 4 runaway kids. Two girls, two boys.Ages 13, 13, 12 and 11 plus a dog.🎃Now you may be thinking "another one of these accounts" but let me say that we have a good reason for running away. We aren't with our parents.☘We've all got different backgrounds but we ended up at the same children's home.✨The home we were in controlled everything and we got hardly any free choices. 😩We learned that we were going to be split apart, that was the last straw. So we left.🌎Now attempting to find a permanent home while on the run.🍃We've jumped a train, been chased by someone from the services, gone without food for 24hours+Life on the run can suck, but at least we aren't alone.👏🏻This account includes blogs and photos to kind of document our "journey."A lot of crazy stuff happens to us. So if you like ADVENTURE and humor check out our acc!☘-4Runaway_Kids
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