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Baby I'm out❤❤
I just got out baby❤️
hey ummm baby?❤️
Yea babe??
I think we need to be careful or slow down on doing shxxt 😳 I’m rly sore and was starting to hurt in the shower 😩❤️
That's fine with me babe❤❤
Sorry topic swop
okay baby ❤️
So I told my mom about what ur mom said about us coming here to take pictures and spend time here and my mom got a little pxssed
yea ik baby I’m a lil pxssed about it too... and fxck she isn’t even gonna get home till somewhere between 1-3 that day anyways
we will figure it out baby I promise ❤️
Ik babe I mean maybe Nichole can do u first then get dressed there then come over here and have my parents drop us off cause I'm not ridding with Megan
yea I’m not riding with her either... but I think that’s what we should do is that 😩❤️ megan wasn’t even supposed to be getting her hair and shxxt done by Nicole anyways and I feel stupid for telling her I should’ve known it was a fxckin trap 😔😔
I rly want your mom and dad to go to the grand march at 8 that night so just in case we run out of time before prom at least we can get pictures still😩
That's not till what 8 we will have time if Nicole stays fxcking focus and doesn't chit chat like last time and slack off
ik baby ik... we’ll figure it out baby I promise okay❤️
hey baby I’m honestly helła tired 😩❤️
Yea we can go to bed baby❤❤
okay baby❤️ I’ll txt you when I wake up I loves you baby❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love u to❤❤❤
baaaaaabyyyyyy I wanna go back to sleep 😩❤️
baaaaby you awake?❤️
Yea I'm awake ❤
okay good mew ❤️
Love u❤❤
I loves you ❤️ okay I’m fxckin hungry tbh baby😩❤️
Ur hungry?? ❤
yesss ❤️ you should totally bring my some cereal if you can 😁😁 I already ate all of what was left in the bowl 😳😳❤️❤️
Yea I'll bring u cereal
yay 😊❤️❤️
shhhh eve is hungry this morning ❤️
I can tell❤❤❤
it’s a good thing 😁❤️ no nauea pulls ❤️❤️
Pack one around just in case
I wanna cuddle and go back to sleep❤️
Same baby same ❤
mew I am a littleeee lovey this morning ❤️ shhhhh❤️
I feel good, eve was kicking and I’m eating 😁❤️
I'm tired lol and I wish she would kick when my hands on ur belly❤
ik ❤️ wait till she’s bigger you will be able to feel her more ❤️❤️ I’m tired too baby😩❤️❤️
hey we should get hot lunch today baby❤️
We can get hot lunch ❤❤
hey I gotta get ready to go baby I lovesss youuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u to ❤❤
Ims take a quick shower baby ❤❤
okay hurry up baaaaby please ❤️
Hey I'm out ❤❤
I’m here sorry my mom and I were talking about eve ❤️
Oh ok❤
hey ima make a new post and it’s gonna be of nugget okay❤️❤️