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hello guys can you plz come join my contest and xo-sunshiners-xo mini contest xo-sunshiners-xo’s contest is due 3/15/21 their will be prizes for her contest as well as mine!!! so plz go and join her contest!!! now onto my contest my contest is a contest where I have 4 teams and 5 people on each team their are 17 spots left so hurry and join!!! the form is due on March 1st, on March 2nd I will post who is on which team, and on March 3rd I will post the first contest. 15 people will make it through the first contest, the contest will be 5 rounds long so plz come join my contest their will be prizes as well for mine!!!
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hey! i am new here and was wondering if you wanted to be mutuals or if you wanted to be friends!! tysm, ily! <3